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Texas Tech Week 4 Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's post practice availability with select players including running back Demarcus Felton (pictured above).


  • Injury update- Keenon Ward will have surgery on his “forearm area” and they are looking at probably minimum two weeks and then will reevaluate him. 
  • Injury update- Terence Steele “is day-to-day.”
  • Injury update- DJ Polite-Bray “should be ready to go.”
  • On after looking at the La Tech film: "Just let down at the end of the first half and end of the game really. I think if you take some of those drives away in the fourth quarter where we just blew coverage and one at the end of the first half I know everyone is feeling better about it I know defensively. Should have scored there at the end of the first half offensively. Got to be better at finishing halves." 
  • On the freshman corners: "They have gotten better. It was a little shaky early but you can see they are playing more aggressively and playing with their instincts more understanding our scheme and what we are trying to accomplish so hopefully that continues into conference."
  • On what to work on this bye week “Offensively, penalties. We did a good job converting those 2nd and 20s 1st and 15 but you can’t do that against the competition we are going to face. Defensively we have to create turnovers and got to finish halves. I felt like if we finished that first half better the game goes differently for us. 
  • On the defense not getting turnovers in 2 weeks: "I’m not sure [why]. You have to give those teams credit they threw it a bunch and ran a bunch of plays without turning it over and you have to give credit to those two teams. Hopefully we can get a streak going."
  • On how the o-line responded to steele going down: "I thought Baylen, he was steady. Moving Justin out to tackle which he hasn’t reped much was good. he did a good job being solid there so those two guys. Also, Tony he made all the points and played fast so I would say those three veteran guys were solid."

  • How many carries is Felton:"We will see. We are going to give as many as it takes to win the game really. If there is a bunch of runs that week then he will get it a bunch but if we have to throw it a bunch then he probably wont. I think between him, Justin and Q [Quinton White] I think it’s a good  trio of guys that all have different skills and bring different things to our offense."
  • On if Lauderdale is in the dog house: “I wouldn’t say the dog house we just have to get him playing more consistently. He is going to have a major role on this team it just wasn’t the other night.”
  • On who will step up with Keenon Ward being out: “Kevin [Moore] is going to play some [safety], Kisean Allen is going to play some and Christian Taylor. We will try to put guys in positions to be successful. All those guys are going to see the field. He added that Christian Taylor is kind of hybrid right now. Doing game plan with safeties and be ready to go at linebacker as well.

Demarcus Felton

  • I asked Felton if he sees Kingsbury running the ball more and he said I would have to ask Kingsbury that. He added that he just makes the most of when the ball is put in his hands and can’t control much more than that. 
  • I also asked how it feels to be compared to DeAndre Washington and he said “I don’t look too much into that” and that he loves what Washington did for Texas Tech but wants to “create his own story.” 
  • As expected, when I asked what his personal goal was for conference play he said “to beat DeAndre Washington’s record.” 

Baylen Brown

  • On how the o-line responded to Steele getting hurt: “[I think we responded] well. I think Murphy at tackle and Madison on the left and Paul Stawarz played well. He didn’t miss a beat and it was kind of nice. That is what you want in a six-man to come in and be able to play and not worry about him.”
  • On run-blocking: “That was our goal last week to get the run game going. They tried to play a five man box on us and we run that then we run the ball. It worked out and we played well.”
  • On Kingsbury running the ball more: “I think he will. I think when DeAndre was here that is what we did and I think we will get back to that.” 
  • On similarities between Felton and DeAndre Washington: “Yeah, size wise he is not that far off. Felton and Quinton White are our in between the tackles kind of running back and Stockton is more of our outside running back. He runs hard and runs strong. He is a strong kid so I think he will develop well.” 

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