Position Preview: Quarterback

Sportswriters across the nation are predicting doom for the Red Raiders' high-powered offense now that Kliff Kingsbury is gone. Fortunately, for the Red Raiders, they have a replacement who may make people take notice.

B.J. Symons isn't a newcomer in the traditional sense of the word, but most of the football experts seem to think he is a guy without any experience in the Texas Tech offense. What they're missing is the fact that Symons has been learning this system ever since it arrived in Lubbock. This experience, along with a great arm, has earned Symons the starting job. His backups will be Sonny Cumbie and Cody Hodges, who have been in a heated battle for the second spot. Right now, that spot goes to Cumbie.

B.J. Symons is the only real question on the offensive side of the ball for Texas Tech. The good news is, he won't be a question for long. Symons is a different quarterback, but it looks like he will be an improvement over Kliff Kingsbury. Symons brings a better deep pass, and a stronger arm to the table, while still being remarkably accurate in the the short passing game. B.J. also has some help in the transition. With almost the entire offense returning, Symons has a lot of experienced players to help him make the transition to starter. My prediction is that B.J will excel from the moment he steps on the field against SMU.

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