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Texas Tech Week 6 Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's post practice availability with head coach Kliff Kingsbury and select players including cornerback Justis Nelson (pictured above).

Kliff Kingsbury

  • Kingsbury said no he does not have an update on Patrick Mahomes but then said that he is day-to-day and will rehab everyday and they will see on Saturday if he can go. He did confirm it was the shoulder area. 
  • Kingsbury didn’t say who will back up Nic Shimonek and added “We will cross that bridge when we get there.” 
  • Kingsbury on how he thought the adjustments affected the o-line: “I think it got better. Still needs to be much improved going into this week. If we play that way this week we won't fare very well. So that's been our emphasis with that unit, to be tougher, physical, better with assignments.”
  • Kingsbury on if Kansas State is the best defense they will play this year: “It appears that way. They are a good defense. There is no question. They've gone a great job thus far watching those games they've played. They make you earn every inch of it. They play around to the football. They're sound in their assignments and technique and they play really hard. Any yards we get we'll earn 'em.”

  • Kingsbury on special teams needing to improve: “Our kickers have to be better. We had a conversation with them, they know that. They work hard, they're talented and they just didn't play very well and put us in tough situations. So Kansas State and somebody who prides themselves on special teams and we'll have to be much better moving forward.”
  • Kingsbury added that he does know who is punter will be but did not want to say who. 

Justis Nelson

  • On the defense overall against Kansas:  “We had a couple of busted assignments, but for the most part guys were giving a lot of effort which is what we harped on during the week and just guys responding adversity. You know there was a lot of third downs, a lot of bad special teams things that went on but we responded so that's what we could ask for.”
  • On how K-State’s offense is different than years past: “They're not going to spread it out as much. They're going to run it down your throat. They're going to put a lot of guys in the box. Their quarterback is an athlete, too. He's going to run the ball, too. They're very unpredictable. They do a bunch of different stuff, so they're well-coached, and that's the biggest difference. They don't have much tendency.”

Jonathan Giles

  • On the difference between Mahomes and Shimonek:  I don't see it as a difference. They both are very hard workers, especially on and off the field. Nick and Pat, they work out together in the weight room so they push each other each and every day. So I don't feel like it's a difference.
  • On the added energy when Nic came in the game: “It was something he said, let's keep it rolling, that's the kind of person that Nic is. He's that kind of person that likes to bring energy to the team, and so when he came out on the field he said, "Let's keep it going." So we all stood behind that.”

Dylan Cantrell and Cameron Batson

  • Cantrell on scoring as many points on the road: “For me personally I don’t notice the whole crowd and everything but K-State they have a great defense. They are very scrappy and very sound and don’t make a whole lot of mistakes so we have to earn everything we can get. So we will have to come out with our A-Game.”

  • Cameron Batson on if this team has played their best game offensively: “Definitely not. We have not played our best. We have penalties that definitely squander drives and we can definitely pick it up as an offense and you haven’t seen as much explosiveness that we can bring.” 
  • Both Cantrell and Batson were asked if the noise of a Big 12 stadium gets to them when they are on the road and they both said no. Batson said they train themselves for that so it doesn’t affect communication.

Baylen Brown

  • On when Mahomes went down: “It’s never good when your quarterback goes down but we had faith in Nic when he came in…”
  • On what Kansas was able to do against them: “I mean they came out and played harder than we did. They tried to throw games at us and we didn’t pick it up and didn’t communicate so it’s on us. They came out prepared.”
  • On Paul Stawarz: “Every time he comes in he does well so every time he comes in we don’t worry about it and we just keep going with our game.” 
  • On the ineligible receiver call: “We have had a lot of those penalties this year so we put a little more emphasis on it. Coach Hays will get on to us. We will make sure we stay on top of that and it is another one of those things where we have to focus and know where the ball is and where we are on the field.” 

Demarcus Felton

  • On if the running game will increase if Mahomes doesn’t play: “No it hasn’t been related to them [if they are going to run more], but I don’t think it will change really. I think we are just going to stick to our offense and just play our game.”
  • On DeShaun Foster’s main message to the running backs: “Keep being physical and be physical in everything you do whether it’s blocking, running the ball. Run with anger, that is basically his message throughout the season.”

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