Texas Tech Freshman Defenders Coming On

There are six true freshmen receiving more and more playing time on defense as the season goes along and all had at least a moment last week (which can be seen in the video above) in Tech's 55-19 victory over Kansas.

I believe not only is there a good chance we will see more of all these guys, but Gibbs and co. MUST play these guys more as they are much more talented than some of the older guys on the roster at their respective positions... some way more than others.

Below I have listed their season stats, game stats against Kansas, plus my thoughts on each player.

#20 LB Jordyn Brooks: Season - 23 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 2 PBU, 1 QBH. Against KU - 3 tackles, .5 TFL, PBU, QBH. Thoughts - He's progressing nicely and getting better every week. He could be one of the better LBs in the Big 12 by season's end. My favorite part is the way he can get from sideline to sideline in a hurry. He quickly diagnoses the play and then attacks the ball carrier. I wish he had more power on impact, but he's been a pretty sure tackler and an offseason or two with Rusty Whitt should add some power to his game.

#33 LB Brayden Stringer: Season - 9 tackles. Against KU - 5 tackles. Thoughts - I love Brayden Stringer. I always have. He was Tech's top rated LB signee of the 2016 class and for good reason. The guy is a hard nosed LB with some quickness, instincts and speed. Power is not a problem for him, but he does occasionally miss tackles due to trying to deliver the boom. He also needs to get much better with his drops. He's not near deep enough on most plays and usually has no idea which receivers are in his area. That being said, he has made a dramatic improvement in all areas since the start of the season and I can't see how Gibbs keeps him off the field. 

#26 S Kevin Moore: Season - 7 tackles, .5 sack, QBH. Against KU - 2 tackles, .5 sack, QBH. Thoughts: Please, please, please Tech coaching staff play this guy as much as possible. He's all over the field on tape making plays. Whether it be on special teams where he has emerged as one of the top players covering kicks or on defense utilized as a blitzer off the edge, the guy is a difference maker and absolutely already one of your top 25-30 football players on your team. He and Jah'Shawn next to each other at the safety spots in the future could be pretty salty.

#25 CB Douglas Coleman: Season - 8 tackles, 1 sack, 2 PBU. Against KU - 1 tackle. Thoughts: He's definitely still learning the nuances of corner and the system, but the potential is obvious and I like him way more than D.J. Polite-Bray at this point. He's also showing out on kick coverage teams and has a sack as part of Gibbs' new strategy to blitz more, especially off the edge with DBs.

#97 DT Joe Wallace: Season - 4 tackles, 2 TFL, QBH, FR. Against KU - Fumble recovery. Thoughts - Big Joe has been as good as advertised. He definitely does not get bullied at the point of attack, even when double teamed and is exceptional as a pass rusher for a dude his size. I want to see what they can do to firm up his body a little bit and add some explosion. He looks great to me, though and was happy he came up with the fumble recovery on a nice hustle play last week. 

#22 CB Desmon Smith: Season - 8 tackles. Against KU - 6 tackles. Thoughts - Des needs to improve in several areas to become a really good corner in the Big 12, but I believe he can do it. My favorite thing about Des, other than his size, is his on-field demeanor. The kid is a leader and two after play reactions and interactions with teammates said a lot to me. Note: I covered one of his games at Permian and noticed the same thing. He's the type of guy Tech needs to keep recruiting, aggressive Alpha guys who will keep fighting when things get rough. 

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