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Texas Tech Week 7 Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's post practice availability with head coach Kliff Kingsbury and select players.


  • Kingsbury said “no” he never considered putting Nic Shimonek into the game against Kansas State. And said this about Mahomes second half performance: “ I thought he did a good job. There were some plays we'd like to have back, but more so up front, communicating, picking up different things. But I thought he hung in there. You could tell by the end of the game his shoulder was getting a little tired, but he kept battling gave us a chance to win.” 
  • Kingsbury added that he doesn’t expect Patrick Mahomes shoulder injury to linger. He pushed himself to play last week and that is the reason why his performance declined. 
  • On the fourth down calls if he would go back and do it differently: “No. The first one just felt like field goals weren't going to get it done. Had a good call on it. Just didn't finish it. And then the other two. Just were going to be aggressive and, like I said, I didn't think field goals at that time would be enough.”
  • On the defense against K-State: “Yeah, I mean, it was improved, I'd say. Had some key stops where we had a chance to take leads and offensively we didn't convert. But still have to clean up a lot as far as their running game. I thought they were able to do some things that we'd like to take away. But I thought both sides of the ball played hard until the end, didn't give up, kept fighting.”
  • On West Virginia:  “Defensively I think Coach Gibson is one of the best in the country at playing spread offenses, has a really good plan. Brings pressure, drops eight a bunch, does a good job taking away your run game, and I've been really impressed with him. Year in year out of he does a tremendous job versus us. And offensively they run the ball very well. Dana's done a good job adapting to his personnel, has great O-line, quarterback's playing at a high level, has some really good wideouts. They're a good team, Top 25 team for a reason, and we will have to play very well.” 

Luke Stice

  • On the defense’s performance as a whole against K-State: “Well, obviously first off, our goal is to go 1-0 this week and handle this week in conference against Kansas State. We failed to do that, obviously that was disappointing, but a positive note from the defensive side of the ball, I was very pleased with our effort. I felt like our preparation leading up to the game was where it needed to be both mentally and physically, but obviously leading to this next week all that needs to improve and continue to work on little things to help us compete at a higher level.”
  • On stopping WVU’s run game: “...Stopping the run is the first thing, the primary focus. And I think that just goes throughout the week. Preparation, you've got to know that's got to be your main focus and stop the run so Coach Gibbs can execute the calls he needs to to stop the pass where you put them in situations where they're past-oriented, second and third and long. Stopping the run is primary focus going into each week and this week's not any differently.”
  • Someone asked Stice if the special teams struggling was a “mental thing” and he said “yes” and that, “That's really the disappointing thing is you gotta be able do what you control to the best of your ability, individually help this team be successful. And it's disappointing when that doesn't, when that doesn't happen, you put yourself in situations to possibly hurt the team by lack of mental sharpness. That's something we've got to recognize, learn from it and you're ready to get after it heading to West Virginia on this Saturday.”

Cameron Batson

  • On who is better himself or Tramaine Thompson: Tramaine was a great player of course I would say I'm better. But Tramaine, he's taught me a lot, and I love Tramaine to death. He added that Tramaine text him before each game to tell him good luck. 
  • On whether he prefers playing against man to man or zone coverage: “I definitely prefer man to man. I proud myself on man to man to get open and single man coverage. You know, zones, they work well too. We definitely can find holes in the zone. So we're really just going to see how they play us and make our moves from there.”

Keke Coutee

  • Kingsbury on Coutee: “He's gotten better. We asked him, after last year, we didn't think he was physical enough in the run game. Talked to him about that being a complete wide receiver. We've always known he was dynamic with the ball in his hands. Has really shown great hands, great speed and great elusiveness in the open field and become a much more complete wideout, and he's still just a true sophomore.” 
  • On how the game plan made him successful: “The game plan was really to run by them. We had a lot of energy and speed so we were just going to try to out run them last Saturday, which we did. A lot of people did so that was just the game plan going into the week.”
  • Coutee said that he didn’t know he was going to receive the punt during K-State, but Batson got a little banged up on the play before and told Coutee to go in for him. He said that he practices for that every day, so he was “ready for the moment”
  • How to battle a team that presses a lot: “You just can’t get bothered by it. They are going to press and everybody knows it. They are going get in your face and try to shove your face in the ground and you just have to man up and do you.” 

Jonathan Giles

  • On being the guy that teams would try to slow down: “I never thought I would be that guy but after putting in all the hard work this offseason with coach morris...I knew I was going to have a breakout year.” 
  • Giles said they slowed him down “just like Kansas with a nickel and a safety up top.”
  • Giles said that Mahomes ball was no different with his shoulder being injured. He said, “It’s still the same, it’s tight. Still the same”
  • On how to prepare for WVU’s defense: “We watch film and during practice get with the defensive backs and do 1 on 1s just like West Virginia will play against us.” He said they are not worried about the man to man defense and they enjoy playing that way because “That’s where we get our money at.” 

My Take: This team knows they have to be more mentally prepared for this game than they were against Kansas State. The coaches and players admitted that many of their mistakes against K-State were mental ones. The offense seems to be up to the challenge of having a better game than they did last week.

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