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Texas Tech Week 8 Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's press conference and post practice availability with head coach Kliff Kingsbury, receiver Cameron Batson (pictured above) and offensive lineman Paul Stawarz.

What Happened Saturday Against WVU

  • Kingsbury on Mahomes’ play against WVU: “I think his lack of practicing caught up to him. I think that first week he was still kind of in that streak, in that zone. And this last week not practicing as much as we would have liked probably caught up to him. Then he tried to do a little bit too much, I felt like, in the second half.” He added that he did not consider starting Shimonek because of what Mahomes did the week before. 
  • Kingsbury on the O-Line’s play against WVU: “Just continue to get better, continue to gel, have some experience. Have some young guys that are trying to figure it out. But I thought they played well enough. We've got to be able to run the ball better. There is no doubt. But we were just off skill position-wise we turned the ball over, but I thought they were serviceable. Not what we want. Not ideal, but it wasn't just the worst.”
  • Giles on the sideline on Saturday: “I think so [people being vocal when adversity hits would be helpful]. It also, just bringing more energy to the sideline. I feel like that's one thing we didn't do a good job of. Like when things didn't go our way, everybody was looking down and looking inside instead of keeping the energy up.

 Accountability Moving Forward

  • Kingsbury on what the coaching staff can do to fix this: “Yeah, there is a lot to fix. There is no doubt. Just midway point, reassess what we're doing, how we're doing it as far as practice goes. Personnel-wise, who we're playing, I think we took a look at really everything on Sunday, and trying to figure out what we need to tighten up and who needs to be playing and what changes we need to make in this last part of the season to be the most effective.”
  • Kingsbury on how they are holding players accountable: “Yeah, that's a great question. We have a punishment in place. Murphy got ejected, which he won't start this next half, and then Payton, we should have taken Peyton out of the game, but he was in for Kisean, so we really didn't have another safety.” He added that he didn’t want to go into detail what the punishment is but he said “it’s handled.”
  • Luke Stice on the morale of the locker room: “Morale is something that needs to continue to increase. The demand in every aspect of the game right now needs to continue to improve. That's one thing as leaders in the locker room we've got to ensure.”
  • Stice on what specifically needs to change before next week: “We need to demand more of each other. I couldn't agree with you more. It's unacceptable, like I mentioned starting this deal off, it's unacceptable, the performance we had Saturday. Whatever needs to happen, we need to accelerate that process and demand more of the man next to you, and know that everybody needs to do their job to put ourselves in position to be successful in this coming week.”
  • Stice message to the fans: “First thing I did was apologize for our performance. It's unacceptable. No two ways around that. This is an unbelievable university, and it's a privilege to be a student-athlete here. It really is. All I can promise is we're going back to work with everything we can in this next opportunity to protect the Jones and get back on track and play at the level we know we're capable of playing for each other…” 
  • Giles added that the leadership on this team is mainly the team captains, but also you are expected to hold other people accountable and yourself accountable. 

Prepping for Oklahoma

  • Giles on if he thinks they can turn the morale around: “Yes, I feel like we can. We have great leaders on this team, like Luke Stice, Pat Mahomes. I feel like we can easily turn it around.”
  • Kingsbury on Oklahoma's defense: “Yeah, watching them, they've continued to get better. I thought last week against Kansas State they played very well. Good front. They've got a couple of those guys back that didn't play last week. Good linebackers, athletic, physical. Coach Stoops does a good job bringing people from everywhere and keeping you off balance. So we'll be challenged to be one of the better defenses we play.”

Practice on Monday

  • Cameron Batson and Paul Stawarz seemed to give the media a fairly good glimpse of what happened in practice on Monday. I don’t usually include observation but both were literally still pouring sweat and Stawarz needed a few minutes to catch his breath and said his heavy breathing “has been happening the past two hours.” 
  • When asked if practice was more intense than usual Stawarz said, “Yes, we have to clean some stuff up as an offense and we got after it.” 
  • Stawarz said that Hayes was very disappointed about the penalties and that is the biggest thing they have to clean up. I asked if it will improve and he said that “everyone is doing the right steps to clean it up and I think it will be significantly different.” I asked what those steps are and he said “staying focused, they are pushing us a lot harder and practice is reved up a bit…[practice] is very physical” 
  • Batson on the mood in practice today: “It was a better mood than last week and obviously after the game. You have to keep your head high regardless of the situation. You have to come back and grind. Losing is a part of the game and you have to come back every practice and take it personal.” 
  • Batson on Kingsbury’s message in practice : “That we got our butts kicked and we need to get something going. He was very unhappy with the film, obviously, we all were after seeing the game and how we played. He is a lot more meaner than he has been. He’s really focused I should say…”

 Injury Update

  • Kingsbury said that Derrick Willies and Dylan Cantrell are day-to-day. Added that with Cantrell it will be based on, “It's going to be a deal where if we feel like he can play and be protected, he'll play. If not, I would guess it will be next week.”

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