Jordan Brangers Recaps 'Amazing' Texas Tech Official Visit

Raider Power caught up with South Plains College shooting guard and Texas Tech commit Jordan Brangers, who took his official visit to Raiderland last weekend.

Jordan Brangers was the last of three to commit to Texas Tech coach Chris Beard and Co. during a two-week run in late September. Joining Brangers on the 2017 commit list is speedy point guard Hyron Edwards out of Trinity Valley (Tex.) Junior College, local standout and Red Raider family royalty Jarrett Culver out of Lubbock Coronado.

Brangers, who visited unofficially just before committing, plays for nearby South Plains College, but originally hails from Lexington, Kentucky. The book on the 6-foot-2 shooting guard is he's a knockdown shooter who will have two seasons of eligibility when he hits Tech campus. 

He took his official to Tech last weekend and needless to say he had a blast. The following is a Q&A with Brangers shortly after the visit:

Raider Power: How'd the visit go overall?

Brangers: It went really good! Loved the campus, facilities, and the people.

Raider Power: What was your favorite part of the trip?

Brangers: The midnight madness or watching the guys practice/inner squad scrimmage.

Raider Power: How did the guys look in the scrimmage? Anything about the style of play grab your attention?

Brangers: They looked good but it was early so they looked sluggish. I love how Coach Beard wants a hard nosed team and to play defense and let their offense flow by running motion.

Raider Power: Break down your game for Tech fans. What do you bring to the court?

Brangers: I'm very good scorer and shooter. I have a really high IQ and can really pass. I'm a very hard worker and I bring a winning attitude to Tech. I really wanna win!

Raider Power: When did you first hear from Tech?

Brangers: I heard from Tech at the beginning of season.

Raider Power: What was it about Tech that made you decide to go ahead and commit?

Brangers: Coach Beard is a winner. My brother Jermaine Ruttley played for him at Arkansas Little Rock and I've got a relationship with him already. I feel like he's gonna make me a unique player and a pro.

Raider Power: Oh wow. That's cool. How did you end up at South Plains? How would you describe your experience there?

Brangers: Coach B, one of our assistants, I've known for a long time gave me the opportunity to talk with our head coach, Steve Green, who is a legend and I'm blessed he gave me the chance to came play for him. South Plains has really made me a better player on and off the court. Attitude, unselfishness, and by being a better student.

Raider Power: That's great. Coach B, is that coach Bringman or Brown?

Brangers: Bringman.

Raider Power: Tell me more about the visit. What did you think about the fellas? Which players did you hang out with? What did you do?

Brangers: I thought the visit was overall a great experience. I was around Shadell Millinghaus a lot and he's prolly the funniest dude I've ever been around in my life. We went out to eat a lot and I was in the gym a lot because I'm a gym rat.

Raider Power: Speaking of the gym. The USA has finished a lot of renovations recently such as new locker rooms and the new video board and sound system. What did you think of the facilities?

Brangers: Yes, it's AMAZING. I don't think a facility in the Big12 is better than Texas Tech. The new sound system is hands down the best thing I've ever seen.

Raider Power: I want to make sure I have this right. You have two seasons of eligibility remaining when you get to campus. Is that right?

Brangers: Yes sir that's right.

Raider Power: What other schools have you heard from and been offered by?

Brangers: I heard from New Mexico, New Mexico State, Washington State, Stephon F Austin, Arkansas State, and Missouri.

Raider Power: Is there anything I'm missing or anything else you'd like to add?

Brangers: Just that I'm blessed to be at Texas Tech and I'm ready to get to work!

Raider Power: Thank you very much for your time and congrats on all your success.

Brangers: You're welcome and I appreciate it.

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