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Q&A: Texas Tech Forward Anthony Livingston

Raider Power caught up with Texas Tech senior forward Anthony Livingston, a graduate transfer from Arkansas State who averaged 15.5 points and 9.4 rebounds last year, for an exclusive interview previewing the upcoming season.

Raider Power: I talked with you during the summer media day, I guess a couple months ago, and you said you were still kind of getting acclimated to Tech and everything. Has anything changed? How do you feel now?

Livingston: A little bit has changed. I have been comfortable around these guys since Day 1, but it's more of a brotherhood now, I will say that. 

Raider Power: What have the practices been like? How competitive has it been?

Livingston: Level 10 out of 10. The competitiveness has been out of the roof. We're all competing for a spot on the team, trying to earn our minutes so that's to be expected. 

Raider Power: Have you been in a situation where you had a team this deep or not?

Livingston: No, I've never been on one 16 strong, never in my short basketball career. You know I started late, but like I said everyday these guys compete and bring it. So do I. We just look forward to it and embrace the challenge every day.

Raider Power: I kind of asked you this with the first question, but what about school, Lubbock, all that... How are you getting acclimated so far? 

Livingston: Everything is beautiful now. It took a few weeks coming from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Lubbock, Texas, but I have one class that I physically attend and two online classes so it hasn't been a struggle at all. It's been good, actually.

Raider Power: Do you like the online or in-person classes better?

Livingston: Well, they're both pretty good. Online is not that hard. I have a three-hour class that I go to Wednesday, every Wednesday night.

Raider Power: Three hours?!

Livingston: Yeah, just once a week so it's not that bad once I had to think about it, it's just once a week. It's not hard at all.

Raider Power: Then I guess with the system and everything, what stands out so far about this system, this offense and defense?

Livingston: What stands out the most since I have been here most definitely is the emphasis on defense. Everything they emphasize is defense, defense, defense. It's new to me, because I've never had a coaching staff that stresses defense as much as this coaching staff and everybody has embraced. So have I, so it's been a great thing for us.

Raider Power: How would you describe this defensive system? Is there something y'all hang your hats on, specifically?

Livingston: Coaches definitely emphasize on us being a great defensive team.

Raider Power: But I mean is there something schematically, such as do you play more zone or man, are y'all pressing a lot, trapping a lot...?

Livingston: Oh no, we mainly just focus on playing man-to-man defense, you know try and be able to hold our man 1-on-1. Of course we try and help being in the gap, being in the helping lane and things like that.

Raider Power: Is there anybody you have been hanging out with on the team more than others? Who would you consider your bud?

Livingston: Everybody. Thomas (points at Thomas Brandsma), Ross, Norense, I mean I can go down the line, I spend quality time with probably all of these guys. It's not one I can point out and say I'll be with him more than others, it's pretty much everybody.

Raider Power: What kind of opportunity do you have here, obviously with you transferring this season? How are you approaching this season?

Livingston: I'm definitely approaching this season as my last season of college basketball. I don't look at is as one year, I look at is as 5-6 months that I have left of college basketball and with that mindset it challenges me to approach every day and attack it

Raider Power: Is the goal pro ball? I mean, I don't think that's out of the question at all with your skillset, the things you have accomplished. Is that what coach Beard has talked about?

Livingston: Definitely. He definitely brings it up and we're pretty much focusing on this season, but he does challenge me to become a pro day-in-and-day-out, to expand my game more than just offensively, to try and transition it to defensively, passing and sharing the ball with other guys. I have definitely embraced that challenge and I think it will take me a long way in basketball.

Raider Power: What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?

Livingston: Winning.

Raider Power: Winning? (laughs).

Livingston: Yeah, I'm going to do whatever it takes to help my team to win. I'll do it.

Raider Power: Alright. I really appreciate your time and am looking forward to it.

Livingston: No problem.

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