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Texas Tech Week 10 Practice Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's press conference and post practice availability with head coach Kliff Kingsbury, cornerback Justis Nelson, plus receivers Jonathan Giles, receiver Cameron Batson and Reginald Davis.

The Defense Against TCU
  • Kingsbury on what stuck out about the defense after watching film: “I think just, you know, the tremendous effort. There was many times they were put in bad situations and stood up and found a way to get a stop or hold 'em to a field goal that was missed. That had not been the case in the past when we were in tough situations we didn't always handle it as well as we would have liked and they stood up and made plays over and over and over and gave us a chance to stay in the game.”
  • Kingsbury on why he thinks the defense played so well: “I think just an attitude. You sit around all week and hear things and you either get pissed off and do something about it or you pout and get worse, and I think they got mad and took it personal and wanted to prove that they could improve and they definitely showed improvement.” He added that the defensive ends and rush ends had a good game and “caused havoc” because they were able to rotate in bodies and, “That's what we've been missing here is guys that we can consistently count on when we do substitute guys. So I thought as a group they played hard and were pretty relentless throughout the day.” 
  • Kingsbury on Douglass Coleman: “Yeah, it was great. He's a competitive young man and played wide receiver in high school, was dynamic, so you see the ball skills going up and making that at a high point. Likes to compete. Had a great attitude out there. Had another great coverage on the touchdown they caught in overtime. Really has an edge about him. Midway through the season, or seven games in, you expect those freshmen to start not feeling like freshmen and that's what you saw on Saturday.”
  • Justis Nelson on what changed with the defense: “I wouldn't say much changed. I would say we prepared better. I would say we were consistent. Not getting too high, not getting too low, despite what the offense is doing. Just guys trying to do their job and just being consistent every down.” 
  • Reginald Davis on the defense: “I always have faith in our defense whether they do good or bad. I’m going to still have their back like they have ours. I feel like they can do that on any Saturday they want, if they just go out and execute.” He added that he wasn’t surprised to see the defense bail out the offense because they work at a unit. 
The Offense Against TCU
  • Kingsbury on Mahomes performance last week: “We needed to run the ball more and we weren't as effective at that as we needed to be, but the last drive tells you all you need to know about Pat. He converted that fourth down. He's running around. Plays that he just took the ball and said, I'm going to win this game, and that's what it's about. That's the most proud I've been of any performance, one of his best by far. But that's what you're truly playing the position is when you play that way the entire game and find a way to win at the end.” 
  • Kingsbury on Da’Leon Ward: “I think so and when you look at the stat sheet there were no loss of yardage plays. He's always getting positive yardage and that's key with our offense. If we're playing downhill and don't move backward we're tough to stop, and he's done a nice job of that.” 
  • Giles on Ward: “He’s a beast.” Added that he put in a lot of hard work, staying late for practice and he told him before the game that would have a big game and he did. 
Patrick Mahomes and the Future
  • Kingsbury on Mahomes’ shoulder: “He's good. He's good! The best he's been. So I think it scared him. He landed right on it. I'm sure there was some pain, but he sounds like he will be able to practice almost a full week so that should help. Just not being able to throw with the velocity during the week in practice has affected some things, but sounds like we'll have a better week this week.”
  • Kingsbury on the possibility of this being Mahomes last game in the Jones: “We'll see. I hope not. He's got four games left in this season, hopefully five. And our goal is to make sure he plays at the highest level he can, and like I said, the shoulder deal, hopefully this is the last week that we have to deal with it. Hopefully, it's healed up completely after this week and he can continue playing at a really high level.”
  • All of the players were asked today if they think it will be Mahomes last game in the Jones and they all pretty much said that we are not sure, it’s his decision and there hasn’t been much talk about it at all. 
The Texas Rivalry Adding Energy
  • Nelson on the matchup having a lot of energy: “I'm sure it is. I think we're going to get the best out of both teams. Both teams are going in confident. It's going to be a physical game, a fun game, ball is going to fly around. Like I said, I think we're going to get the most out of both teams.”
  • Cameron Batson on the rivalry: “Means a lot being an Oklahoma kid we definitely didn't like Texas at all. You come here. They don't like Texas, so it's a win-win situation. So we will definitely have some fun out there Saturday night.” 
  • Reginald Davis: “I just look at as a game but I know around here it’s a big ol’ tradition so we are going to go all out for our fans.” 
  • Giles: “It means a lot because I grew up watching Texas vs. Texas Tech. You know especially Crabtree catch, Kingsbury, so it is a blessing and honor to be in this position to play Texas again especially at home this time.” 
  • When asked about Brecken Hager’s comments about wanting to injure Mahomes Reginald Davis said, “People say things they shouldn’t say and regret but we don’t look at it as a type of pressure. We are just going to go out and do what we do.” Tony Morales didn’t know what the media was talking about when we asked but he just said we will do our job and protect him. 
Prepping for Texas
  • Kingsbury on Shane Buechele: “The swagger, the moxie. We offered him out of the high school. He came to camp and that's what you see. He walks around and knows how good he is and carries himself that way and he's not fazed by much, whether it's a good throw or a bad throw he's on to the next and isn't afraid to rip it in there. So I think the moxie for a young kid on that stage in the program the way he's handled it is remarkable.”
  • Justis Nelson on what to expect from Texas: “Trying to pound the ball. Be real physical. They have size for sure. They have talent at every position, but, you know, they're probably going to come here and try and run the ball and we gotta be prepared for that.”
  • Giles: “They play a lot of man like West Virginia. That is one of the things as a receiver that we pride ourselves on is beating the man, so we are going to work on that this week to get ready for Saturday.” 
Texas Tech to Celebrate 13 Seniors on Saturday
  • Kingsbury on this senior class: “Yeah, it's an interesting group because there is not many of them, I think there's 12 or 13 and some of them were our first recruiting class and some of them were held over, brought here by a different coach. Anytime you get a group that's been with you four years you just appreciate all the effort, the hard work they put in for you and we have some good leaders that are moving on and will be missed.”
  • Justis Nelson on what senior day means to him: “ Last opportunity to go out there and perform in front of Lubbock. This has been my home for the past four years and I enjoyed every bit of it. It's going to be tough stepping off that field for the last time, but I'm going to give it everything I got and hopefully it will take care of itself.”
  • Batson on having to say goodbye to these seniors: “It's a tough pill to swallow. You grow up with these guys the past three or four years, definitely built a lot of relationships and to see those guys, their last home game. I know they will be emotional, so the only thing we can do as a team is help them celebrate it with a win.
Injury Updates and Other Stuff
  • Justin Murphy is day to day. Kingsbury said they will see how he does in practice today but if he doesn’t go this week he will probably play next week.
  • Kingsbury said they are still “holding out” Gary Moore and Devin Lauderdale due to a coach's decision. Kingsbury was asked how frustrating it is when you give a kid a second chance and then you are on this road again and he said, “We all make decisions that we gotta live with and that's part of it, part of growing up. I don't have much else to say besides that.” 
  • Message to the fans from Justis Nelson: “It's an early morning game so fans need to come with energy. It's the last home game for all of us seniors. It's surreal, but it's against Texas. You can't ask for a better atmosphere, better team to play against on your last game at home. We're hoping the fans come out, are as loud as they are for the night games like they were for OU and just bring excitement.”

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