Q&A with Texas Tech Forward Tommy Hamilton IV

Raider Power caught up with Texas Tech forward Thomas Hamilton IV, a transfer from Depaul who averaged 8.8 points and 5.2 rebounds in three seasons with the Blue Demons, for an exclusive interview previewing the upcoming season.

Raider Power: First off, how has everyone treating you, how has it been since you got here?

Hamilton: The Southern hospitality has been great. Everyone in this town is so nice.

Raider Power: How much of a culture change or not has it been down here?

Hamilton: Like just a drastic change, you know? The weather being one, back home I'd probably have on a winter coat or something and here it's still summer. Everything has been great so far.

Raider Power: What made you decide to come here? What was the final factor for you?

Hamilton: When I came down on my visit I had no questions afterwards--I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. I think the people who recruited me knew exactly what they getting their selves into, so it made sense. It was a perfect match. 

Raider Power: Who lead your recruitment?

Hamilton: All the coaches were involved.

Raider Power: (Laughs).

Hamilton: Yeah, all the coaches were involved. 

Raider Power: I believe that. How long have you been here? When did you get here?

Hamilton: I've been here a month and a half, probably, six or seven weeks.

Raider Power: Has the situation, everything; the school, the team... because, you know, sometimes you get recruited one way and then it's different. Has it been what you thought it would be?

Hamilton: Yeah. I came right down and got to working. Within the first week I was figuring everything out, just where everything was school-wise, how to get back and forth. Everything I have been told has been true.

Raider Power: Then as far as the practices, how are they going?

Hamilton: Practices are tough, you know what I'm saying? You get challenged a lot, but we go through those things to make it easier in games. The coaches do a great job preparing us. Even though I'm sitting out this year I'm just as involved as everyone else. I'm staying engaged. Practices are good.

Raider Power: How hard is that? I ask this of transfers in any sport, but how hard is it knowing you're going to sit out?

Hamilton: I try not to think about it.

Raider Power: (laughs) Unless I bring it up to you?

Hamilton: (Nods) I'm trying not to think about it, but so far I feel confident about it. At first when I was going to transfer knowing I was going to have to sit I was apprehensive, but I think I'm going to benefit from a lot from sitting out this one year here at Tech. 

Raider Power: I have seen your stats, some of your tape and seen you play, but from your perspective what do you bring to the team?

Hamilton: Maybe a little bit of everything, (I'm a) versatile big. Maybe if the other team has a big guy I can bait him away from the rim, or set some screens and get some people open. Then there's just my I.Q. for the game and let it demonstrate itself. 

Raider Power: Was the opportunity to play in the Big 12 a big part of your decision to come play here or no?

Hamilton: Well, the Big 12 is obviously the best conference in basketball so that's a challenge that I'm taking. I came from the Big East,  where it's not really the Big East (that it used to be). With the Big 12 there's a bunch of good teams, they had seven teams go to the tournament, including us so it's a challenge and I'm going to do everything I can to prepare for it.

Raider Power: How crazy has it been to watch the Big East fall apart? The Big East used to be it, the best. 

Hamilton: I didn't know that I would play in the Big East at home (DePaul). I thought to play in the Big East I'd have to go to the East Coast somewhere. It was still fun, though. There were still some of those teams in there like the Georgetowns, Villanova, St. Johns, some of those historical programs and I got the chance to play in those historical arenas. 

Raider Power: The last question I want to ask is how are you all getting along, how have the fellas been in terms of welcoming you?

Hamilton: I was so nervous coming down. New people. You know they have already been here, but they were so opened armed as soon as I got here. I didn't even have to try and find my way here or figure things out I was just kind of brought along. These guys have been helping me get up to speed with everything that's going on. I feel like I was here with them this summer, I feel like I haven't missed a beat. The guys, you can call on any one of them, you know what I'm saying?

Raider Power: Wow, that's cool.

Hamilton: Yeah. 

Raider Power: I really enjoyed talking with you and really enjoyed meeting you. Thanks.

Hamilton: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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