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Texas Tech Week 12 injury Report

A compilation of notes and quotes after Monday's press conference and post practice availability with head coach Kliff Kingsbury, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and linebacker Luke Stice.

Injury Updates

  • Kingsbury on Da'Leon Ward: "Yeah, Da'Leon should be back, I think, mid-week. We'll see if he's able to play. We're going to work him back in there mid-week."
  • Kingsbury on Demarcus Felton: "We'll see. High ankle of some sort. I'm not sure the exact severity. They're going to try to jog him around today and see if we can get him available for Saturday."
  • Kingsbury on Jordyn Brooks: "Jordyn Brooks, kind of the same. Won't practice today. We'll see if he can go early in the week."
  • Kingsbury on Justin Stockton: "I think he'll be out. Some kind of shoulder/chest contusion." 
  • Kingsbury on Justin Murphy: "And Justin is no longer with us." When asked why he made that decision yesterday Kingsbury said, "I guess his injuries. You'd have to take it up with him." Then he was asked if it was considered a medical retirement and Kingsbury said, "I'm not sure how you would phrase it. He would be the one to speak with about that."

Offense against Oklahoma State

  • Kingsbury on bringing in an experienced guy on the OL: "I think we're pretty much scouring the country right now for that or a grad transfer at mid-year to put another body on campus so we can have some competition this spring."
  • Kingsbury on OL Bailey Smith: "I thought he fought, wasn't perfect by any stretch. Got in there had good energy. Chased the ball down the field. Had a lot more life than some of the guys we've been rotating through there."
  • Kingsbury on Felton: " Yeah, he did a good job. He found it. He was hitting it. We just moved the ball better. I don't know if we were blocking better or not. But we were definitely more productive once he got in the game."
  • Mahomes on the offensive line: "This last game we didn't have Murphy. And, I mean, Murphy's a great guy, a great leader and I hated for him that he had to be gone. But those young guys have stepped up and they're playing. And I'm just going to trust in them, try to get the ball out fast, try to help them out a little bit. And at the same time they played their best game probably this last week and so hopefully it just carries on."

Defense against Oklahoma State

  • Kingsbury on the 'let them score situation' at the end of the game: "It was [their intention]. The first time they ran the ball, we were going to stop them, use all three timeouts, get it back. But they got a first down on that one. So the next time, we had told them let them score and we still did not let them score." He added, "It was communicated and we did not get it done. At that point, Coach Gundy called a timeout, and he said, I think they're trying to let you score and that's when they started sliding. So it was an effort to do that and we didn't get it done."
  • Stice on coach telling them to let Oklahoma St score: "Right. I mean, at the end of the day you've gotta do what coach asks you to do. So that's the first time I've been put in that situation. But whatever's best for the team, that's what he thought was best at that point. And that's what we tried to do." 
  • Mahomes on if the TTU defense has turned a corner: "Yes, I think they're just going to keep getting better. A lot of young guys, a lot of young talent. I feel they'll keep getting better the rest of the season. And going into next year I'll be feeling very confident."
  • Stice on what clicked with this defense that was not clicking at the beginning of the season: "You know, it's hard to put it on one particular thing. But just overall it's continuing to develop as a unit and continue to just play for each other and compete at a high level going into each game. And as we continue to get momentum and build confidence, especially with our younger guys, I'm just pleased to see that continue to improve, like you mentioned, throughout the season and at this point in the season it needs to continue to increase."

Prepping for Iowa State

  • Kingsbury on the morale of the team: "I think they were down because it was a great opportunity. But I sense today that everybody's back and understands it's surviving-and-advance-type situations. You've got two games to try to extend your season and it starts with Iowa State. So everybody's all in. And I feel like that's the vibe."
  • Kingsbury: "Yeah, they're good. When you look at their record it's not indicative of how good a team they are. I think you look at the scores they've had, teams beat and lost some close, tough games. I think they do a good job offensively and defensively. Offensively both quarterbacks are protecting the ball, playing at a high level. Coach Campbell, I followed him when he was at Toledo. Very innovative very good on offense. Defensively they play hard, have a good front. No. 5, their safety, is a very good player. So it will be a big challenge. We know we've got to play our best game to go on the road in that environment and get it done." 
  • Mahomes: "They have a lot of talent. They've been in a lot of close games, a lot of games they could have won. And it hasn't gone their way, kind of like us. So they're going to be giving us their best effort. It's going to be at home for them. Tough place to play. So they'll be out there and they'll be flying around. Just gotta to go out there in a tough environment and try to get a win."

Have to Win The Next Two

  • Mahomes on if it is going to be hard not to press to win out: "Yes, definitely. I mean, you want to get to a bowl game. You don't want these two weeks to be your last two weeks of the season. I mean, we went through a lot together on this team. Great brotherhood. And, I mean, we all love each other. So we're really going to go out there and just try to play our game. But we're going to leave it all out on the field, try to win two football games against two great teams and get to a bowl game." 
  • Stice on if he feels pressure: "I think it just comes down to just knowing we've got to attack each day one day at a time and do whatever we need to do to compete at a high level on Saturday. You can't look too far ahead. You see how fast the season has gone by, and it's got to be a dayby-day mentality and knowing you've got to sell out for your brothers in the locker room and do everything you can do to help this team finish on a high note."
  • Kingsbury on if those bowl practices are paramount:"Yeah, I think it's more of a coach-type thought process. For them it's just extend your season with your teammates, these guys you've been here with three, four, five years, that's a lot of camaraderie and it's a big deal to go experience it with them. You play on that more so than, hey, the extra practices are huge for our program."

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