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Time to Move on from Kingsbury Era

Texas Tech lost 66-10 at Iowa State ending any chance of going to a bowl game for the second time in four seasons under Kliff Kingsbury after failing to qualify for postseason play just once in the previous 20 years. It's time for a change in Lubbock.

Instead of hammering out a fire and brimstone speech straight out of a vintage Pacino movie demanding Kingsbury should be fired I decided to simply state I do believe Tech should remove Kingsbury immediately because I believe it's best for the football program, athletic department and ultimately the university.

Here are my reasons why:

-Tech's 66-10 loss at Iowa State, a team which had won just two games before Saturday, ensures the Red Raiders will not qualify for a bowl game for the second time in four years under Kingsbury

-Tech failed to qualify for a bowl game just once (2011) in 20 years prior to Kingsbury

-Then there's Kingsbury's overall record:

  • 23-26 overall
  • 13-11 at home
  • 9-11 on the road
  • 1-4 at neutral sites
  • 11-3 against non-conference opponents
  • 9-0 against non-Power 5 schools
  • 4-0 against FCS
  • 14-26 against Power 5 schools
  • 12-23 in the Big 12
  • 0-4 against OKST
  • 0-4 against OU
  • 0-3 against BU
  • 1-3 against UT
  • 1-3 against K-state
  • 1-3 against WVU
  • 2-2 against TCU
  • 3-1 against ISU
  • 4-0 against KU

-Here's some of the attrition numbers I mentioned earlier in the week which is abnormal and shows why Kingsbury has been unable to build depth while here. Take a look at how the attrition of Kingsbury's first full recruiting class (2014) compares with the rest of the Big 12.

2014 Class Attrition Numbers Around the Big 12 

I don't cover these other programs, but I did compare their respective Scout commit lists against their official rosters, then did some brief research on each player. I would say my numbers are accurate within a +/-1 range. 

Baylor: Signed 25-----Still there: 18 ----Gone: 7 -----

Iowa State: Signed 25-----Still there: 16 -----Gone: 9 -----

Kansas: Signed 23-----Still there: 12 ----Gone: 11 -----

K-State: Signed 23-----Still there: 13 ----Gone: 10 -----

Oklahoma: Signed 27-----Still there: 16 ----Gone: 11 -----

OKST: Signed 28-----Still there: 19 ----Gone: 9 -----

TCU: Signed 25-----Still there: 14 ----Gone: 11 -----

Texas: Signed 23-----Still there: 18 ----Gone: 5 -----

Texas Tech: Signed 26-----Still here: 8 ----Gone: 18 -----

WVU: Signed 22-----Still there: 9 ----Gone: 13 -----

-Of the 8 signees from the 2014 class on Tech's roster, ZERO are OL or DL

-Texas Tech has also already lost 3 of it's 5 4-star rated signees on offense from the 2015 class and at least one of its DL from the 2016 class

-In short, Kingsbury is not only losing more than any other Tech coach in my lifetime, but he's struggling to retain the recruits he's bringing in for a myriad of reasons, meaning the future doesn't exactly look bright

-Another reason I believe, and this is subjective, it's time for Kingsbury to move along is the weird environment he and those closest to him on the support staff have created which seems more intent on shutting out fans, local media and even those on the periphery of the program who used to be welcome at the Football Facility. I think everybody likes Kingsbury, including myself, but his weird way of communicating during pressers, cancelling of fan centered events and other traditions just seems needlessly difficult and awkward. In fact, if he wasn't exactly who he is I seriously doubt he would have lasted this long.


The only thing for this program I loathe more than the thought of starting over is delaying the inevitable one more year before doing so.

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