New Big 12 Post-game Policy

In addition to new players, this season also brings a new policy for postgame activities. The NCAA and the Big Twelve member institutions instituted this policy.

The center point of this policy applies to post-game celebrations, which are now prohibited by the NCAA. The Big Twelve has issued the following policy for post-game celebrations. "No one is allowed on the field or court after the game unless they have a purpose and credentials to be there. Violators will be subject to possible penalties including judicial proceedings or loss of ticket privileges. Institutions have an affirmative obligation to structure local security and game management procedures to enforce conference standards"

This policy means that nobody who is not properly credentialed will be allowed on the field following games. Violators will be immediately removed from the premises, and may be prohibited from attending future games, be arrested, or be fined. These new rules have been put in place for the safety and security of everyone in attendance.

The Texas Tech athletic department is asking that all Red Raider fans help the university by following the new policies. Athletic Director Gerald Myers said that the university could be sanctioned if this new policy is not followed. While the penalties have not been decided yet, they could include fines to schools that do not follow the new policy.

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