Taking it to Another Level

The Texas Tech offense returns most of it's starters, but a new quarterback has caused some sportswriters to lower their preseason rankings of the Red Raiders even further. Despite these rankings, the Texas Tech players think the offense will be even more explosive this season.

B.J. Symons may be making his first start at quarterback for the Red Raiders, but he probably knows Head Coach Mike Leach's offense as good as any player on campus. It's been a long wait for Symons, who had to backup Kliff Kingsbury. The wait is almost over for Symons is almost over, and he's hoping to make the most of the situation. "I've been ready," said Symons. He says he's not really nervous, just anxious. What is he anxious about "Seeing what this team can do on the field," said Symons.

Symons knows that teams view him as an inexperienced quarterback, so he expects to see a little more pressure from SMU, than they would have used against Kingsbury. One of the factors Symons brings to the field is a nice running ability. Will this ability be something he tries to showcase? "I'm just looking to pass," said Symons. The footspeed will allow him to escape the pocket when necessary though. The offensive players have all been impressed with Symons, saying that he is already in mid-season form.

Receiver Carlos Francis knows that the receivers have to do their job if Symons is going to look good. "We have to take care of him," said Francis. He's looking forward to a good season for the group. "A lot of big plays, a lot of blocking downfield," said Francis. The receivers continue to be excited about the passing ability of Symons. "He throws some balls that are just amazing to me," said Francis. Francis also looks for a big season out of the running backs. "We're going to be serious in the running game," said Francis.

The offense will get it's first test on Saturday against SMU. Everything points to an offense that will be at least as good as it was last season, even with the departure of Kingsbury. While many college football experts may doubt the ability of B.J. Symons to lead the team, the Red Raiders players and coaches are sure of his abilities.

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