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Tyler Carr Accepts Texas Tech Preferred Walk-On Offer

Canadian (TX) defensive lineman Tyler Carr discusses his decision to accept Texas Tech's preferred walk-on offer with Raider Power.

Texas Tech added to its class of 2017 on Sunday when Canadian defensive lineman Tyler Carr accepted a preferred walk-on spot to play at Texas Tech. Carr talked about the journey that led him to making his decision.

"Going throughout, I took some unofficial visits. I went back to Lubbock for the UT game, I made it over to OSU for the Tech game, and really just talking with my family a lot. I think that after all that I've done with Tech I think that's where I fit. I really like the coaches over there, Coach Patrick, coach Gibbs, coach Hays, Morris, coach Kingsbury especially, I just really like what they have going on over there. The recruits they have bringing in, it's just something I want to be a part of."

The 6-foot-6, 250-pound athlete has the versatility and athleticism to play anywhere on the defensive line, and he has not settled on a particular position yet with his future position coach. 

"After talking with coach Patrick I think I'm just going to be defensive line. I don't know a particular position, just kind of seeing what my body does and how much weight I can put on. I'll try to get up to 290, 295 if I can. Just as I get older see what my body does."

Carr said the home feeling he gets when he's at Texas Tech was the biggest factor in his decision. 

"It really does feel like home. Playing in your home area, that's one thing that's kind of been a big deal for me. I went to a UT satellite camp, you know, and it just really - with Tech, it gives you that home feeling. You're playing in your home area. My parents are going to be able to make almost all the games, so that really means a lot."

Carr discussed building up a relationship with defensive line coach Kevin Patrick over the past few months. 

"The first time I met him was at that camp [in Lubbock last June]. I had talked with coach Hays before that and he wanted to introduce me to coach Patrick. After I spoke to coach Patrick and after that camp, I felt like I really showed him how I could play. We didn't have any pads on, but I kind of showed him some stuff about how I am and how I'm going to work."

After the camp, the interest continued to pick up on both sides.

"We started talking from there on Twitter, and then that carried on to taking an unofficial visit. He met with my parents again and my family. I just like him as a person and what he's accomplished in his career, winning two national titles at Miami, that's the kind of guy I'd like to play for. I feel like he's the one who can help me the most and I can help him too."

The West Texas defender will likely be enrolling early after graduating in December, but there is a small chance that he will have to wait to graduate until May. Canadian is still alive in the playoffs, and will contend against the Sonora Broncos in the 3A D2 Region 1 finals at Lowery Field in Lubbock this Friday at 7PM. 

"I know that with us still being in playoffs, and playing football, things could change a little bit, but I'd have to finish before Christmas break. I don't know exactly what date off the top of my head that we'd get out, but that's the date I'd be looking at for sure. Our counselor has to send to the eligibility center [at Texas Tech] that I have graduated. I'm looking pretty good at getting [the classes] done. I think I have a really good chance of getting them done. I've already told coach Patrick that I will be there in January. There's just a slight chance that I wouldn't get everything done."

Other than Texas Tech, which schools stood out to the Red Raider commit?

"I think my top three schools that I was really considering were Texas Tech for sure, Oklahoma State, and also Midwestern State out in Wichita Falls. Midwestern State had offered me, I had gotten really close with their coaching staff. That was my top three schools."

Carr has not yet decided on a major at Texas Tech. 

"I don't know for sure yet. I'm planning on getting my basics done and see really how things go. I've had some thoughts, Kinesiology or Engineering or something, I haven't really decided yet."

Has the new commit been in contact with any other Texas Tech pledges?

"I really haven't, I talked a little bit on Twitter with Casey Verhulst, but that's really it. I haven't really talked to many other people."

With some interest from other schools still coming in, and potentially until June for him to join the program, Carr was asked about his commitment level to Texas Tech and how comfortable he was with his decision. 

"I'm a hundred percent with Tech. I really like coach Patrick, and that's where I'm going to be at. Now if that's in January like I said, or June or whenever we report in the summer, then that's when it is, but I'll be there."

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