Marqez Bimage Will Take Official Visit to Texas Tech

Marqez Bimage, one of the Red Raiders' top defensive targets, has set up his official visit to Texas Tech. Raider Power caught up with the Brenham outside linebacker for an update on his recruitment.

Texas Tech is making a big push to round out its 2017 recruiting class with some playmakers on defense and one target to keep an eye on is rush linebacker Marqez Bimage of Brenham, Texas. 

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound defender hosted defensive line coach Kevin Patrick on an in-home visit Tuesday evening, and enjoyed a good conversation with his primary recruiter with Tech. 

"It was good, it was real good. He told me a lot of things that I didn't know and I found out tonight. Just the official visits, things like that, when the best time is to take them. Talking to my mom."

Bimage, who was coach Patrick's first defensive line offer at Texas Tech, says he has a good relationship with the former Miami defensive lineman.

"We talk pretty often. Every week."

He discussed his thoughts on Texas Tech's football program. 

"I think they're doing a lot of good things, they're moving the right direction. I know they had that big win last week against Baylor. They're just doing a lot of good things."

The Red Raiders' blowout victory over the Baylor Bears in Arlington last Friday was due in no small part to the defensive line disrupting Baylor's offense. Bimage discussed what he saw from that line on Friday.

"They attacked well. I talked to coach Patrick about it, he just said the same thing I was expecting, that they are getting better and better. They have a lot of true freshmen playing, so there's a lot of improvement."

Coach Patrick appears to have a spot in mind for Bimage and has told him in the past Bimage's presence would "impact" their defense.

"Yes sir, at the rush end position. He's told me I would have significant early playing time."

Aside from plentiful early playing time opportunities, location will be one factor that the east-central Texas prospect considers. 

"Yes, for sure. Lubbock's about seven or eight hours from Brenham, so wrapping my head around that is going to be kind of difficult, but I'm really just trying to think about it."

However, the Tech coaching staff will definitely get an opportunity to show Bimage just what he can expect when he gets there. 

"I'll probably be taking a visit there in December in two weeks. It will be an official visit [during the weekend of December 9th]." 

Have any other schools won official visits from him at this point?

"Yes and no. I'm taking one to Houston possibly, maybe in January, other than that, nothing at the moment."

Bimage, listed as a soft verbal commit to Houston, remains committed to the Cougars for now.

"We're just kind of waiting to see what's going to happen at Houston, see who stays, see who goes. Just let the smoke clear."

Coach Craig Naivar, the assistant head coach and co-defensive coordinator, remains at Houston for the time being and is Bimage's primary recruiter there.

"Yes, he's still at Houston. He came for an in-home visit yesterday."

With head coach Tom Herman's departure to Texas along with defensive line coach Oscar Giles, Bimage could very well receive an offer from the Longhorns. What would that offer mean for him?

"I would think highly of it, I mean, I live in Texas, so hearing the University of Texas giving me an offer, that would mean a lot. It would just be something to think about."

Bimage said he does not have a top school or group of schools at the moment, nor a timeline for making a decision.

"I'm not too sure. Just talking with my mom and my dad, trying to find the best fit for me and just praying about it."

Bimage holds offers from Cal, Houston, Kansas State, LSU, SMU, and Texas Tech, among others. 

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