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Raider Power Mega Mailbag senior writer Joe Yeager and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Questions answered in the first video:

Mitch85: Will there be any surprises, commits or de-commits, between now and National Signing. Day for the 2017 class?
Awhooks210: What ability would you want more, Pat Mahomes arm to Zac Smith's hops? Either way you could be the God of city leagues
Techson: With Pat leaving, has our need for a power running back just gone into intensive care status ? How likely is it that we still may take 2 more in the 2017 class ?
241121st: Your evaluation of Shimonek as the starter in 2017? 
Sighansen: What are our chancing of developing a really good run game so that our offense isn't so dependant on QB play.
BruceLee: Assuming Coach Gibbs is staying how do you think Texas Tech's defense will look in 2017? Be more aggressive, use the same approach as the majority of 2016 or some combination of both?
Questions answered in the second video: 
TechTier1: Could time be just as important as: 1) recruiting stars, 2) coaching acumen???
JJMatador: With Pat's departure, Big 12 "journalists" are saying that Tech would be near the bottom of the preseason polls. What's y'all take?
ScarletNinja: Any chance that the offense can be more consistent without Mahomes? Will more of the system QB type of play result in the other players stepping up their games?
fromcentex: What the heck is this deal about Kingsbury spending more time focusing on defense? If that is something he needs, shouldn't it have been ordered after his first season?
TTUSGT: beer or liquor?

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