Raider Power Mailbag:Tourney Chances, NSD senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Questions this week:

Raiders1004/OkieRedRaider01: Assuming KK hires a high school coach for the RB position, who would be your top 3 realistic options? If not a high school guy any names you have heard?
SigHansen: Can you explain the blowout lost to the worst team in the Big 12?
jaburrs: O/U 
Tech basketball finishes 60 in the RPI
Tech hoops wins 8 conference games
Tech basketball makes the NCAA Tourney (True/False)
Tech basketball lands 1 player on the all conference 1st or 2nd team
Tech football has 2 signing day surprises
Tech sells 33,000 season tickets for football
Tech football lands 5 4* talents for 2018's class
GYATM: How was BU able to pull in such a legit class in such a short amount of time and we can't seem to do the same? In particular, I'm looking st Lynch as a DT
OL - Who are your starting 5?
RB - Felton/Ward....a serviceable 1-2 punch?
What position group needs to see the most improvement in 2017
RidinFearless: How does the Odiase situation impact how Beard is recruiting for next year? 
JJMatador: Do you y'all think the closed door policy Kliff put into place last season has helped?
TechFreak: Indoor practice facility still on time?
RedraiderKA: Question 1. How do you feel about the O line coach hire?
Question 2. Do you go with beans/no beans in your chili?

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