Scouting Report: L.A. Reed

We're pleased to bring Texas Tech fans a scrimmage assesmment on their latest commitment and third pass-catcher of the '04 recruiting class.

Coroe Oak Ridge scrimmaged Diboll and Raider Power was there to soak it in, but this was a night L.A. Reed probably wishes he could forget, but he also made a few big plays flashing glimpses of what he might be able to do on the next level.

Essentially, you'll get both the good and bad news...


1. On a 30/35-yard go-route where the Dibol DB provided decent coverage, Reed utilized his speed to get behind him. The ball was a little bit underthrown, but the 6-2.5, 190-pound wideout was able to make a play on the ball. However, he could not hang on.

2. Another go-route, the Oak Ridge QB put some air underneath his pass allowing both Reed and the defender a chance to fight for the ball. While Reed showed great effort, he was not able to bring it in.

3. Whistled for a false-start (or illegal movement) penalty, the kid appeared to lose his focus somewhat...

4. Reed in motion from left to right, showed off his 4.5 wheels as he turned it up field immediatelty after the snap, ran an out-and-up route. Again, the ball was underthrown and Reed made a spectacular play on the ball, but could not reel in the near-impossible to-make grab.

5. Perhaps the most frustrating drop for the (potential) big-time wideout was a 15-yard crossing route where the ball went through his hands.


1. Eye-balling the kid, he looks every bit the 6-2.5/6-3, 185/190 pounds we're listing him at. Also appears to run in the 4.5-range.

2. Blocking -- Not sure you could ask for a more physical blocking wideout. Takes pride in that area and does a fine job. Make no bones about mixing it up and blocks very well.

3. Was only given one opportunity to run the ball -- coming on an end-around -- where he broke off about a 10/11-yard run, good enough for a first down. (Oak Ridge needs to keep Reed more involved and into the game by calling more of these types of plays, IMO.)

4. On a 30-yard post route, Reed was again underthrown. Not only that, but it was thrown to the wrong side. Reed hung in the air for waht seemed like 5 seconds, twisting andwhilrling his body around to come down with circus-like grab.

5. Again, Reed wowed spectators with a ball thrown too high as he accelerated at least 30-inches off the ground to snag the ball. The way he had to attack the ball at it's highest point, ensured a hard/breath-escaping landing. Reed's body smacked the unforgiving turf, but he held on.

6. Reed snagged a couple of easier catches, but it was his determination to make seemingly impossible grabs that impressed me. Though, he usually makes most of the plays he failed to make tonight, he has the confidence necessary to snag the tough/difficult passes.

7. Reed's another prospect in this year's deep class of talented wideouts to use his hands -- not his body -- when he catches the ball...that's what you want to see from your wide receivers.

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