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Texas Tech 2018 Class State of the Union

Raider Power takes a detailed look at which prospects Texas Tech is targeting and how many recruits the Red Raiders plan on taking per position.

Hey guys, I know the ink is barely dry on the 2017 class but I've been hard at work gathering info on the 2018 class and its targets. Here is the state of the 2018 class. Coach Kingsbury indicated tonight that 2018 is expected to be a full class with 25 prospects taken, so I'm basing my projections off of that. Prospects are listed in order of likelihood to commit to Tech. These numbers are subject to change depending on transfer additions, etc. My apologies if I miss any prospects - there are a ton. 



QB: 1. None committed. Tanner Mordecai is the #1 target here and I think Tech is going all in on him. From what I gather, they feel pretty good about their chances with him, too.

RB: 2-3. None committed. I think really you'll go after two true tailbacks and a scatback that can play some inside receiver. Keaontay Ingram and AJ Carter are the top two targets on the board. I believe Tech has moved on from former commit Stanley Hackett, and I like your chances with four-star scatback Craig Williams, who will take an unofficial this offseason. Anthony Williams out of Hahnville is another scatback-type who can do some damage in space.

WR: 7. Three committed. Obviously, hanging on to Treveon Johnson, Gabriel Douglas, and Jaylon Robinson is a tall task, especially with how many other receivers Texas Tech will take. I think you should feel good about your chances with Antonio Gage and Drue Jackson; outside of that, there are several WR prospects that could end up with Tech. It's a very strong class in the state, and a good year to have a bunch of spots.

OL: 4. None committed. Texas Tech is in good shape with a number of quality prospects here. Not sure how the numbers will shake out, especially with how badly attrition seems to hit this position group due to injuries, but I feel comfortable projecting four offensive linemen to Tech with a possible JUCO add in the mix.




DL: 4-5. None committed. After some attrition and only taking one commit in '17, Tech is primed to take a huge DL class in 2018 and that's a great thing because the state and surrounding areas are absolutely loaded. Several offers have already gone out, and Tech will end up signing some really nice prospects here even if they miss out on some guys.

LB: 1-2. None committed. Only one linebacker will depart from Texas Tech after the 2017 season (senior Jacarthy Mack). After squeezing in 3 guys, which Tech was only able to do here because Dakota Allen was not an initial counter against 2017, there is hardly any room and not a lot of prospects on radar right now. We'll see what the summer brings, but expect the staff to be extremely selective with the linebacker prospects they take, moving on more guys in 2019.

DaShaun White (2018 LB, 6-2 205lbs, no profile, HUDL)


DB: 3-4. None committed. Despite taking a lot of DBs in 2017, I don't think Tech will abstain from taking DBs in the 2018 simply because they lose a ton of guys after the 2018 season and will want to fill in the gap. I know he decommitted from Tech, but Cameron Jones remains a priority. Legacy prospects Byron Hanspard and Verone McKinley III will also be hotly pursued. DB is a fairly loaded class in '18 in the state, and I think Tech will benefit, being selective but still landing a quality group.


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