Raider Power Mailbag senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Questions this week:

Awhooks210: What team do you think will be the biggest story of 2017, the basketball team, baseball team, or football team?
Techfreak: Any updates on the Football Spring games, more specifically the one in Frisco?
RedRaiderGrad: Any word on possible candidates/timelines for the RB coach?
Slaton67: How do we stand with Trae Young?
Raider Power: What record should be required for Kliff to keep his job?
What record will be adequate for TECH administration to allow Kliff to keep his job?
juiceboxx: Football: Out of all the red shirts last year, who do you see playing a big role this upcoming season?
BruceLee44: In your opinion, who are 2016 walk-ons Coach Kingsbury will probably award scholarships to in 2017? How is Derek Willies doing health wise?
RedraiderKA: Whats the word on if/when Clarence Henderson will be back? I assume his grades were the issue.
Techson: When was the last time the coaches seem to say that every position is up for grabs at Tech ?
MidRaider: Which new JUCO/s will make the biggest immediate impact this season?
SigHansen: Can we get better food up in the joint on game day? Not bad, but very impressive either

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