Raider Power Mailbag: Texas Tech Coach Island senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Questions answered this week:

recycler: What are yalls favorite sport to cover?
Joey82: Why do you think the Red Raider basketball team has struggled so much on the road despite having so many upperclassmen?
EastTxRR: To what extent has the heat on Kliff's seat impacted recruiting? Will 2018 prospects wait to see what kind of season we have before committing, leading to a class that develops later than the last couple we've had?
Ttechgamer: You are stranded on an island. You can choose one head coach at ttu to help you survive. Who do you choose? P.s. 5 random players from his/her team join them.
TechFreak: Any impact to the football program with 2 Tech players winning the Super Bowl?
241121st: Chris Beard assessment. I like him personally, and he says all the right things. What I see on the court in terms of fundamentals isn't very good. Needs time to break bad habits (for the love of God, stop with the one hand "sling" passes)? Some players are regressing (Thomas, Gray)....I just don't like what I see so far. Your thoughts?
JJMatador: Do you know how the offseason workouts are going? Anything changes about Coach Whitt's S&C program?
BruceLee44: In order of importance what are the Four most important things the 2017 Football team must do to be successful on the field?

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