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The Mailbag OT: Grad Transfer Wishes

The Raider Power staff answers questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting which did not make the video version.

Awhooks210: With the falling prestige of the Big 12, do you know if Tech is reaching out to other conferences and if so which ones would you guys prefer to be in?

Jarret: I don't believe they are, I think Tech is attached to Texas and just wants to stay in the same conference as the Longhorns. As long as that happens they will be in one of the big boy conferences, unless UT goes independent. 

Joe: The Big 12's prestige may be declining, but it is still a Power 5 conference in football and a Power 7 in basketball. Thus, although it may not be the SEC or the Big 10, it is still a strong conference that a huge number of schools would love to join. Therefore, I do not believe Texas Tech is seeking to leave, although I'm sure Kirby Hocutt constantly has his ear to the ground for possible shakeups and realignment scenarios, and will do all he can to position Tech well for such an eventuality. Now if a realignment does occur and the Big 12 disbands, I would love to see Tech in the Big 10. It is my favorite all-around conference.

Zach: They're not. I'd love to be in the Pac to be honest, the West Coast is amazing

Panthercat: When will the Baylor fixer that UT hired blow up in the longhorn's face?

Jarret: As long as Herman wins maybe never. Texas media has blasted the athletic department for hiring Casey Horny (his last name is hilarious until you are reminded of the victims), but he's a UT alum and more importantly an old buddy of Herman's. So in my opinion he's going to be given a long leash by his bestie. That being said, he already deleted his past tweets where he took up for Briles and the actions of Baylor's program while he was there and no doubt Austin media is looking for a reason to pounce on the first public misstep. 

TTUams: Which would you rather have, a DT grad transfer or an OL grad transfer?

Alyssa: Defensive tackle grad transfer. The defense can always use as much help as it can get and there was only one defensive lineman in the 2017 class. The offensive line should improve with the personnel there already since there is a new coach, Steele and Akanonmu will have another year under belt and have the younger guys pushing them. 

Jarret: Cochran, the 6-8, 350-pound behemoth pictured above, makes sense because he could stabilize your line and help coach Jones get rolling. Outside of him then I'm going with a defensive tackle as the Red Raiders lost their two starters from last season and I know this sounds crazy, but they were better at DT last season than they have been in a long time. I hope that continues with some talented underclassmen such as Joe Wallace, Broderick Washington and Nick McCann along with senior Mych Thomas. Adding one veteran dude hungry to continue his career there would really go a long way toward solidifying that position. 

Joe: In these sorts of questions I will always go with defense for the simple reason that Texas Tech is always good enough offensively to win at least nine games, but bad enough defensively to win only one. The defense ALWAYS needs much more help than the offense.

Zach: Depends on who it is. If we're talking Aaron Cochran vs some 300-pound scrub that couldn't get playing time, give me Cochran all day. Ceteris paribus, probably the DT, but I don't think interior DL is as big a need as some of y'all make it out to be. You've got some studs.

redraiduzz: With all of the late staff changes and some defects, will the administration be patient with KK once again next year with a  sub .500 record?

Alyssa: No. It has been reported there is a ultimatum that he should win 7 games and I think that is true. That ultimatum stands no matter what was to happen with the staff. 

Jarret: Nah, man. It's put up or shut up time. 

Joe: If Tech football goes sub .500 next year Kingsbury is history. There can be no doubt about that. In fact, if the Red Raiders are awful at the midway point of the season it is not out of the question that Hocutt would bring down the hammer during the season itself.

Zach: No.

R8erPwr81: How would you grade the new additions to the football coaching staff in baseball terms? Ex: homer run, triple, double, single, foul ball or strike out? 

Alyssa: The new additions equal a double in my opinion. When someone hits a double you are interested that it’s not just a single, but the next batter still has to do something with it. Kingsbury has to make sure this team gets those guys across the plate somehow. Meaning he needs to win with those guys or everybody is gone.

Jarret: I'd say a double, but could be legged out to a triple depending on who's throwing the ball in from the outfield. Jones is a highly respected guy and former Red Raider. His results at Cal were tremendous, but I don't know what type of recruiter he is yet. Juluke is known as a great recruiter in Louisiana and has amazing ties to the New Orleans area due to his time as a high school coach. Can he recruit those guys to Tech? We don't know yet. By all accounts he's a great guy who always has a smile on his face. We'll have to see who they get for defensive line to replace Kevin Patrick. The word is Ricky Logo from Colorado State. I also like veteran coach Rick Petrie, who is at Louisiana Tech, but has coached some good defensive lines in the ACC and SEC.

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