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Mailbag OT: Spring Ball Access

The Raider Power staff answers questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting which did not make the video version.

643Coach: With the lawsuit of you-know-who, how does the relationship between him and the university not go sour?

Alyssa: It is going to be hard for that relationship to stay positive, but I would say it is possible. All depends on how the situation continues to unfold from here.

Zach:  The decision to suspend him was not an athletic department choice. I don't see why anybody in the AD would retaliate against him for pushing back against a university-level decision. 

BruceLee44: During the upcoming football Spring Training will you and your staff have more access to players and coaches than in the fall?

Alyssa: I expect the no-interview policy with assistant coaches to remain in place, meaning that we will only be able to speak to Kingsbury and select players during spring football. I don’t know why they would all the sudden give the media more access at this point. 

Joe:  I've heard nothing about changes in media policy for the upcoming spring, so I assume we'll still be working under the same rules. That means practices--with the exception of a scrimmage and a spring game--will be largely off limits, and we will be allowed to query Kingsbury and certain players after practices. Then again, new policies could still be issued between now and the opening of spring camp.

Jarret: Yes, generally we have more access to practices during the spring. We usually get 1-2 opportunities to go to practices a week and then we have 1-2 availabilities after practice a week. Hopefully the assistants will be made available as well. 

Panthercat: How do you feel about our latest men's basketball commit?

Joe:  Daniel Mading is a 6' 10" player originally from the Sudan, with stops in Perth, Australia, Gainesville, Florida, and most recently, Jersey City, New Jersey. He is considered a power forward, but I definitely see him as a three at this point. He's 200 pounds, tops, right now, and will get pushed around inside until he puts on some muscle. That caveat aside, he's an impressive prospect. Mading appears very comfortable with the ball in his hands, looks to be a real threat in fast break situations, has a quick first step to take his man off the dribble, and is an explosive finisher at the rim. His stroke looks okay, but I haven't seen enough of him shooting the ball in competitive situations to say for sure. At any rate, there's more than a bit of Zach Smith in Mading, and that is a very good thing.

Mading is rated a 3-star recruit by every service I've seen, but has an offer sheet worthy of a 4-star, and that's what's more important. Among those who reputedly offered Mading are Florida, UCONN, South Carolina, Seton Hall, St. John's, Memphis, Southern Cal, TCU and Kansas State. This is a very fine get for Chris Beard and his staff. 

Mitch85: Who are the top three QBs being recruited by Tech for the 2018 class? Over/under on each committing and when?


1. Tanner Mordecai: Kingsbury is confident he can get him and Mordecai is expected to visit for junior day in March so I'd say Tech has a legit shot. As far as a timetable I'm not expecting him to choose anytime soon.

2. Justin Rogers: Though he's rated as a three-star prospect by Scout he holds offers you'd expect a four-star to have. Tech recently threw its hat in the ring and offered the Louisiana standout. Maybe new running back coach Jabbar Juluke will help get them in the door, but the Red Raiders will have a tough time landing Rogers in my opinion.

3. John Holcombe: Holcombe is a big dude at 6-4, 230 with a big arm. He's not as elusive as Kingsbury usually likes, but he's very interested in Tech and could be a viable option if things don't work out with Mordecai.

Zach: The top three are Tanner Mordecai, Justin Rogers, and Tanner Shough. Think Mordecai is the main guy right now and the staff feels pretty confident about landing him. He'll be at the Jr Day

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