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Q&A with Texas Tech CB Douglas Coleman caught up with cornerback Douglas Coleman, who is coming off a very promising true freshman season.

Raider Power: I have to start off and ask you about that play against UT because it was one of the top plays of the season. It was not something you see every day. Just from your perspective what happened on that play (the 100-yard fumble return for a TD) and how were things different for you or not after that play?

Coleman: I really just wanted to make a big impact on the game. I really wasn't expecting to strip the ball, but I saw it so I was just like I'm going to go for it. I ended up taking the ball away. I guess ever since then I feel more confident playing defense and making big plays for Texas Tech.

Raider Power: When you were running down the sidelines what was going through your mind?

Coleman: Don't get caught. (everybody laughs) Definitely.

Raider Power: Also, the TCU game. That was a high pressure game. You came up with a big interception. Do you remember what exactly happened with that play and just your thought process there?

Coleman: Man I just remember coach (David) Gibbs telling me to scootch and follow my technique and I did exactly that. The ball ended up coming to me and they say when the ball comes make the catch. That's what I did.

Raider Power: What's your reaction to earning the Double T, the clothes and all that stuff? How do you think you guys have handled that?

Coleman: I think we've handled it pretty well. I think it's a great action to make us really earn our stripes back I guess you could say. I guess taking it step-by-step, getting back to the old Texas Tech.

Raider Power: How's it been for you as far as off the field fitting in to Lubbock coming from Louisiana?

Coleman: It's been pretty tough (everybody laughs), mainly with the food, you know.

Raider Power: Mainly with the food. Have you been to Walk Ons?

Coleman: Yes, sir.

Raider Power: Do you feel like it's legit (Louisiana/cajun cuisine) or nah?

Coleman: It's my favorite restaurant. (everybody laughs)

Raider Power: How often do you go.

Coleman: At least twice a week. 

Raider Power: What do you get when you go there?

Coleman: The shrimp. Jumbo shrimp and then aligator for the appetizer. 

Raider Power: Alligator! I'm not brave enough to eat that.Does it taste like chicken?

Coleman: Not really.

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