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Jabbar Juluke Talks Texas Tech Running Backs

Texas Tech running backs coach Jabbar Juluke met with and answered questions from local media Thursday. Juluke discussed his thoughts of the running backs on the roster, what type of backs he's looking to recruit and more.

Q: When you look at the roster, the RBs here, what do you see and what stands out to you?

Juluke: I'm excited about the young men. Speed. Very hard workers. Very good athletes. They catch the ball well, are good open field runners who are going to bring some good things to the table.

Q: What did you think of Da'Leon Ward's season?

Juluke: "I was very impressed with Da'Leon, because the month I was here I recruited him, made sure he was doing what he had to do in school at (Dallas) Skyline, and I was very impressed. Most freshmen hit that wall, and it looked like he got stronger as he went on, got more familiar with the offense. We're looking for some great things from him. Also looking for some great things from Justin Stockton and DeMarcus Felton with their experience to build on to what Da'Leon has and to help him to be that leader. I'm just excited about the group. We have a good group of guys in that room, adding Donta (Thompson) is also going to be good for us, adding a little more athleticism along with Mason (Reed), so I'm excited about what that room is going to offer."

Q: When you look as far as, without getting into specifics but, on the recruiting trail what do you feel you need to add or what type of running back are you looking for?

Juluke: We have one coming in (Desmond Nisby). A big guy who can run. He's fast, he's strong. He's going to try and compliment what the young guys that I have now can do, like a bigger guy in the backfield and be able to run and catch--do all the same things they're able to do--but it's going to be a balance in there. It's going to be a competitive room and I'm looking forward to seeing how our kids compete on Saturday and the rest of spring football.

Q: Were you familiar with Nisby before you came in here or not?

Juluke: I started watching his film once I started making contact with coach Kingsbury and seeing who the guys were they were signing. Very impressive film and I'm excited about what the young man's going to bring to the table. He's a mature guy. He and I spoke on the phone several times and he's looking forward to the opportunity because of his background, where he's coming from he wants to make the best of it. I'm excited to work with him.

Q: Where does the team need to improve most in the running game?

Juluke: "Working with coach Brandon Jones, I think we've cleaned up some things in the run game. I've been with some really good offensive line coaches, and he's one of the best that I've been with. I've been with some really good offensive line coaches, and he's one of the best that I've been with. I think with the addition of him and what we're going to do in the backfield with some rules and regulations and hitting landmarks and doing different things, I think we're going to improve in that aspect of it immediately.

I can see that within the three weeks that I've been here with our walkthroughs and what we're doing. He's doing a really good job, making things simple for myself to understand, and it allows me to teach it to the kids so they can understand it, and not just in the run game, but in the pass protection as well, because we're kind of intertwined with each other. It's been good, and he and I have a good relationship off the field, so I think that's going to continue to make both groups better, and we have to be able to run the football."

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