Video: Texas Tech Spring Practice No. 3

Watch Texas Tech in full pads for the first time this spring.


Tuesday's practice was the first spring practice in full pads. They scrimmaged for about half of the time the media was allowed to observe. Here are my observations/takeaways. 

First team OL:

  • Jack Anderson 
  • Paul Stawarz 
  • Terence Steele
  • Bailey Smith 
  • Travis Bruffy 

Second team OL:

  • Will Farrar 
  • Zach Adams
  • Dawson Deaton
  • Jacob Hines
  • John Gerold 

First team DL:

  • Broderick Washington
  • Houston Miller
  • Kolin Hill
  • Eli Howard 

Second team DL:

  • Nelson Mbanasor 
  • Mychealon Thomas
  • Noah Jones
  • Lonzell Gilmore


  • Houston Miller and Noah Jones were running with the 1s on a lot of the reps with the d-line. 
  • At quarterback reps went as expected with Nic Shimonek on first team, McLane Carter on second and then Xavier Martin. 
  • For running backs, looks like Justin Stockton is running with the first team. Demarcus Felton showed the most spark on the offense as he made a few big plays during the scrimmage portion. DaLeon Ward had one good play that I remember where he ran through the tackles for a big break. 
  • Antonie Wesley got a lot of reps at WR and him and Jonathan Giles made some impactful plays in the scrimmage portion. Did not see much of Quan Shorts, who I wanted to see in action.
  • Brown shirt report: Madison Akanonmu and Joe Wallace are still in brown shirts but those are the only two that I saw. 

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