Raider Power Mailbag: Top Texas Tech Player/Coach Interviews senior writer Joe Yeager and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Sighansen: Tell us about what changes our new OL coach is doing. Specificallyc KK's comments about ditching the old run game and having Jones and Jaluke come up with something different.

Techson: What are your thoughts about the difference and the feel of the new turf vs the old ? Any of the players or coaches commented about it to y'all ?

EastTXRR: Think we'll be seeing any uniform changes this year? I'd love a red throwback version of the black and white ones we wore against. Arkansas and @ Texas 2015.

OleBallCoach87: Over/Under

3 players currently on the active roster who will not be on the team come the 1st game of the season? Talking about guys who are expected to contribute: ie start, rotate in or provide needed depth at their position.

OBXRaider: What are your early impressions of the backup QB's?

TechFreak: Does Mahomes plan on finishing his degree at Tech? Not sure if he graduated yet or not.

241121st: Best TTU player you've ever interviewed...from an interview/entertainment standpoint.

Best TTU coach....same.

wreckemcrv: What players who did not get much playing time last year do you expect to have big roles on the team in the upcoming season?

Joey82: How many Big XII teams make the Sweet Sixteen?

Any Big XII teams in the Final Four?

RawlsLandman: Favorite Place to get a Taco? Lubbock and out of town?

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