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Raider Power Mailbag OT: 2017 Predictions

The Raider Power staff answers questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting which did not make the video version.

RedRaiderGrad: Is the large number of no-shows at the Junior Day something we should be worried about? Do you think the Spring Game at the Star makes up for it in quality/quantity of recruits present?

Jarret: Nah, not really because a couple of the guys you are recruiting the hardest--QB Tanner Mordecai and RB A.J. Carter--both made it in and loved it. The spring game at The Star will be great, but I don't want to oversell it. There should be a lot of recruits there and hopefully the game makes a huge impression. 

Zach: No and yes. The small quantity of visitors was intentional for the most part, as I have heard that the staff wanted this to be a smaller group so each coach could spend more personal time with the recruits. There were probably a few more no-shows than expected, but plenty of time left for guys to make it up to Lubbock before April 15th (start of the Spring Evaluation period).

The spring game at the Star is going to absolutely make up for it and might be the best recruiting visit turnout of any Texas Tech spring event in recent memory.

juiceboxxx: Final thoughts on tech's weekend in Houston at the Shriners?

Alyssa: The Shriners College Classic was a huge measuring stick and by them going 2-1 it proved that Texas Tech is the real deal, yet again. The fact that they even backed that up with a huge win over Arizona is also impressive. It's going to be a good season for Texas Tech baseball and Big 12 baseball overall. 


Photo By Steven Chapman

Zach: A young team showed its ups and downs. We'll see how consistent they remain throughout the rest of the season.

Cobjones: What is going to be the biggest moment for Tech athletics in 2017?

Alyssa: Texas Tech going and winning the College World Series. 

Jarret: It's going revolve around whatever happens next season on the gridiron, whether the current coaching staff survives or not unless the baseball team wins it all.

Joe: Trust me, I sincerely hope that this is not the case, but I do believe the Athletic Department will be searching for a new head football coach in December. Nothing would make me happier that for Kingsbury to get this thing rolling and for the Red Raiders to "shock the world" (or at least the Big 12) with an upstart season filled with glorious victories. But as much as I'm tempted to take a massive swaller o' the spring Kool Aid, I just can't do it this time.

Zach: Just speaking hypothetically since I'm not sure either will happen - it's a tie between football returning to a bowl and baseball returning to Omaha. The former would solidify Kingsbury's (and Gibbs's) footing for the next few seasons, and the latter would place Tim Tadlock in "elite" territory. Both would have significant positive ramifications for their respective programs' recruiting moving forward. 

241121st: Best TTU player you've ever interviewed...from an interview/entertainment standpoint.

Best TTU coach....same.

Alyssa: My favorite Texas Tech coach I have interviewed was Kevin Curtis. He was my first interview ever and he didn't have anything that great to say but he just has been the coach with the most swag at Texas Tech. Player wise, I'll go with pitcher Dominic Moreno. You could tell he loved talking to the media and he always made everyone laugh no mater what the situation was. 

Honorable mentions: Davis Martin, Coach Gibbs, Reginald Davis, Houston Miller, Justin Gray and Keenan Evans.

Note: Jarret and Joe answered this one in the video version of the Mailbag which you can watch here.

Zach: Patrick Mahomes is a great interview. Sharp, and personable.

I never really interviewed him, just spoke briefly at a couple recruiting dinners, but I absolutely see why Kevin Patrick is on the rise. Knowledgeable and intimidating (in a good way). Absolutely someone you'd want coaching your DL.

westtexasmod: Are we looking at these players from local schools?





Jarret: Those Estacado guys visited for a game last season, but I don't know how hard Tech is recruiting them if it all and am not sure about the other local guys you mentioned.

Zach: Yes, Not sure, No, Yes

Panthercat: Will we see the old Green Bay power sweep ala Jerry Kramer type guard pulling and leading the way?

Jarret: They have been using pulling linemen this spring more than I have seen in recent years so maybe so. All they need is a seal here and a seal here to create that alley. They definitely have the athletes up front to do so.

Joe: That would be the height of irony, wouldn't it? Texas Tech, home of the Interstellar Age, nanotech, non-Euclydian hyper-drive offense, takes it back Ordovician Period with some plays so dank and musty that Fielding "Hurry Up" Yost wouldn't recognize 'em. And you know what? There is actually something to be said for digging up plays so well forgotten that they are effectively new again. Now while I don't think Kingsbury will take it that far, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see him go a bit old school in an effort to provide the ground game with some serious thump. So yes, I think we may see something in the spirit of the power sweep, if not an exact replica of it.

Techfreak: What's up with Kliff's practice hat?

Jarret: I know what I'm getting coach for Christmas. LINK

Joe: Those floppy hats have actually been around awhile. Tommy *gulp* Tuberville sported something of this nature several years ago. But with Kingsbury going this route, it's probably safe to say that sales of those brims will shoot straight through the roof, although I personally prefer a nice Panama. 

Zach: I first saw him break it out at the Broken Arrow satellite camp last July. Apparently it's for skin protection. Skin cancer is no joke. 

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