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E.J. Ndoma-Ogar Talks Texas Tech Visit, Offer

2019 Allen (TX) offensive lineman E.J. Ndoma-Ogar recaps his visit to and offer from Texas Tech earlier this month.

2019 Allen (TX) offensive lineman E.J. Ndoma-Ogar visited Texas Tech earlier this month and picked up an offer while he was on campus. RaiderPower.com caught up with him for the details of the visit and an update on his overall recruitment. The 6-foot-3, 290-pound offensive lineman holds offers from Buffalo, Duke, Oklahoma State, SMU, Tennessee, Texas Tech and Wake Forest.

Raider Power: I just want to recap your visit to Texas Tech, discuss your offer and your overall recruitment.

Ndoma-Ogar: Yes, sir. 


Raider Power: Just talk about the visit. What did you get to do and how did it go?

Ndoma-Ogar: The visit was great. I got to see the academic center. I got to chill with coach (Brandon) Jones for a while, see how they operate with the offensive line. Then I got to talk with coach King, which is pretty entertaining. Then I got to hang out with my fellow teammate Jayden Jernigan. So it was great overall. 

Raider Power: Now Texas Tech hasn't been on you for that long, right?

Ndoma-Ogar: Right.

Raider Power: Did things really pick up after coach Jones was hired?

Ndoma-Ogar: Yes, when coach Jones was hired it just automatic, all I heard was Texas Tech, that I'm on their radar. When I went up there it seemed like coach Jones had a lot of interest in me. 

Raider Power: What were some of the things he was telling you?

Ndoma-Ogar: He was telling me he really wants me to come up here, he wants me to be a Red Raider. He knows I'm one of his top prospects and I could fit in, be a Red Raider really quickly. 


Raider Power: OK. I'm assuming this was your first time in Lubbock. What were your thoughts on West Texas and Lubbock?

Ndoma-Ogar: My first thoughts of Lubbock was I just knew there weren't going to be many people. I was wrong. It's a great community. Up in Lubbock everybody sticks together as one. That's what I like, I like relationships. That's my first thought. 

Raider Power: I'm assuming you got a campus tour. What were your thoughts on Texas Tech?

Ndoma-Ogar: The campus tour, I really enjoyed it, just what they were telling me. Academics is out of this world, there with the tutoring, it's not possible to fail up there. That's what I enjoyed, just the academics, not the campus. Then the facilities like the stadium, their tradition like the kickoff they told me what they like to do. It seems like a really fun place. 

Raider Power: What did coach Jones say about where he sees you fitting in along the offensive line?

Ndoma-Ogar: He sees me fitting in on the interior because he thinks I'm really, really physical and I'm really aggressive and just my personality off the field. That's why he thinks I'll fit in easily.

Raider Power: What were you hearing from Jayden? Did he have a good visit as well?

Ndoma-Ogar: Jayden was enjoying himself a lot. He was enjoying himself, telling me, 'E.J. look at this, look at this!' and I was like, 'O.K., I get it'. t was cool meeting up with, going through the visit with him. He's one of my good friends.


Raider Power: Did you start for Allen this past fall as a sophomore?

Ndoma-Ogar: No, I was second because they were still trying to fit me into the system a little bit.

Raider Power: Yeah, that makes sense. I know (Allen quarterback) Grant Tisdale, I know he's a 2019 guy and he's got an offer from Kliff Kingsbury and he still didn't start last fall, so I definitely know how that goes. Tell me how your offer went down. Did you get it on the visit?

Ndoma-Ogar: It happened while I was still on the visit. I was in the office with coach Jones and he was telling me about all these offensive linemen that went through Texas Tech and my favorite, hands down, Le'Raven Clark. He was telling me about him and then they told me coach (Kingsbury) was ready to see me. Then coach was like, 'you're going to leave here with an offer'. I was really shocked, I was really surprised knowing they want me that bad. 

Raider Power: What are your thoughts on Texas Tech as far as your overall recruitment. Where would you put them?

Ndoma-Ogar: Man, they're up there, they're up there. Definitely i would consider them. I'm still looking for choices, but Texas Tech is definitely up there for me now.

Raider Power: What are some other schools standing out to you. I know you have some offers from other Power 5 programs. Talk about your overall recruitment.

Ndoma-Ogar: Well, how others are recruiting me is good. They're not on my like Texas Tech is. All the other schools, they'll send me mail and communicate with me, but Texas Tech is on me hard, recruiting me hard and that's what I'm more focused on. 

Raider Power: I know you're a 2019 kid and 2019 National Signing Day is almost two years away, but do you have a time in place for narrowing things down or making any kind of decision?

Ndoma-Ogar: I haven't put too much thought into it, actually. I'm just going to enjoy the recruiting process.

Raider Power: I appreciate you calling and congrats again on the offer.  

Ndoma-Ogar: Alright, thank you

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