Arizona DT Kai Golden Recaps Texas Tech Visit

Tucson (AZ) Mountain View 2018 defensive tackle Kai Golden recaps his unofficial visit to Texas Tech. caught up with Kai Golden shortly after the 6-foot-3, 290-pound defensive tackle visited Texas Tech for an unofficial visit on Thursday. Golden and his parents watched the Red Raiders practice in full pads at Jones AT&T Stadium and visited with the coaching staff, especially defensive line coach Terrance Jamison.

Insider: How'd the visit go?

Golden: The visit went great! I was thoroughly impressed with the layout of the facilities and the programs they offer for the freshmen. One of the things that stood out to me was the fact that they hold a cooking class and teach you how to grocery shop and get what's best for you when you're outside of school, but not only that but the intensity they bring to the field and the hype that they carry for each play is awesome. They got pretty aggressive during the team periods but it fired me up to watch them battle!

Insider: That all sounds great. What did you think of the coaches? Who did you talk with?

Golden: The coaching staff as a whole seemed focused on their goals of winning but I like the defensive coaches lively manners as the game (winning the small battles in practice) excites them. I talked mostly with Coach Jamison, the defensive line coach. Although I also met with the strength coaches and some of the offensive coaches.

Insider: Did they talk about a potential offer and how they would see you fitting into the program?

Golden: They also seemed interested in me for the team and told me they do live evaluations and need to see me during spring ball. Although size wise I do think I'd fit in the program pretty well!

Insider: How long has Tech been recruiting you?

Golden: Texas Tech has been recruiting me for almost a week now, but I see a good future

Insider: Where did you and your folks go for dinner?

Golden: We decided to eat at Cheddar's. It's close to the hotel. 

Insider:  I understand. Are you and the folks driving back to Tucson tomorrow or visiting somewhere else?

Golden: Yes we're driving back tomorrow. This was the only visit on the list.

Insider: Sounds like a good one all around. We have you with offers from UVA and New Mexico State. Are we missing anybody?

Golden: No sir, those are the two! Looking for some more, God Bless I can reel in Texas Tech after today

Insider: Anything I'm missing or anything you'd like to add about the trip or your recruitment?

Golden: Well I'm looking to graduate early and enroll in January depending on where I go. Coaches at Texas Tech told me that boosts me on their list because I can get a year early of training.

Insider: Absolutely, that's a big deal. Do you know what you want to study in college yet?

Golden: I've been set on mechanical engineering since middle school. I've been in love with taking things apart and seeing how they work and putting them back together, but my passion now has shifted to cars and that where I spend most of my time. I'm even the Vice President of our auto club.

Insider: Wow, that's impressive. Did you and your folks get a chance to check out Tech's engineering school?

Golden: No sir, but we were told about it. They have a couple guys on the d-line majoring in engineering so that's awesome. 

Insider: That's great. Well, thank you for your time, safe travels back and congrats on all your success. Please keep me up to date on your recruitment.

Golden: Thank You, and of course!

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