Insider Mailbag: Spring Game on Tap

Senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Question This Week: 

Techfreak: 1. What damage was done to the SPC during the fire? Will it impact the completion date?
2. What do you think about the future ACU football match up? Are we going back to a "cream puff" schedule?
EastTXRR: guess my question is which future series do you look forward to the most, out of Oregon, Arizona, NC State, Houston and Ole Miss?
Lumbar87: Any idea about how WR Antoine Wesley is developing?
wreckemcrv: Will there be any commits after the spring game in Frisco? If so, how many do you predict?
241121st: ShimWow: Concerns after Petro Scrimmage?
Juiceboxx Rapid Fire
-Which of the big time 4** or higher, or nationally recruited 3** recruits would you most like to see leave the Spring game in Frisco super excited about what is going on here at Tech? (I'll answer this)
-OLine looks like a piece of work from what I have read, did you see any good things this past weekend that get you excited about coach Jones? I.e. Different form/technique from Coach Hays, etc. (Joe)
-Big 12 baseball looks to be at an all time high this year as far as talent/skill goes, besides TCU which one team would you most like to sweep in conference this year? (Alyssa)
-What's been more impressive to you this season? Gardener batting over the 300 mark after the rough start or the emergence of our freshman/newcomers who in games carry this team offensively? (Alyssa)
-If McMillon keeps tearing the cover off the ball, would you rather him be in the lineup hitting or pitching with that power arm? (Alyssa)
-Which actor would best play Tim Tadlock in a movie? (All of us)
Cobjones: Football question. Who is the best (IYO) player on offense, and then on defense?
raiderfb86: Rank our revenue programs in importance to the contribution towards the overall athletic budget.
Techson: Other than Dakota and Shotgun Panazzolo, would you expect the remainder of this class to redshirt ? 
The remaining 2017 class that is signed but not yet on campus:
Quincy Addison..6' / 175 lb.....Safety
Dakota Allen.....6'2 / 235 lb......LB
John Davis........6' 1/2" / 170 lb....CB
Adrian Fry...........6'. /170 lb........CB
Riko Jeffers........6'2" / 236 lb........LB
Desmond Nisby...6'2" / 240 lb....RB
Dominic Pannazzolo.....6'5" / 2015 lb....Punter
Casey Verhulst....6'6" / 280 lb......OT
Sos2979: Since you said last call,. What is your last call drink of choice?
Joey82 (food question): If you were forced to give up either BBQ or Mexican food forever which would you choose and why?

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