Video: Texas Tech Spring Practice No. 11

Video clips and notes from Texas Tech's 11th practice this spring.

Tuesday's practice was full pads and in the Jones. It was super windy and even raining mud for a little bit when I was out there. Didn't seem to affect the mood at all as it was a pretty high energy practice. 


  • Same starters on both sides of the ball that it has been all Spring, I didn't notice any differences. 
  • Nic Shimonek looked like the sharpest QB by far today, especially when doing drills with receivers. 
  • The offense was only able to get two solid runs against the defense. DaLeon Ward getting hurt on one of those and I also didn't see Justin Stockton out there, even Steve mentioned that he couldn't find him. He might have been out there, but not sure.
  • The defensive line was the group that impressed me the most today. Both the 1s and the 2s dominated the line of scrimmage and were physical against the run. Eli Howard had a nice pass rush.
  • DB Octavious Morgan was also really physical during the scrimmage portion today, he stuck out the most to me in the secondary. 
  • LB Tony Jones got a good stop on one of the run plays. 
  • All of the receivers did well in drills. There was only one drop that I saw but Keke Coutee continued to impress. He caught a nice pass in the scrimmage portion and then was solid in drills. 

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