Insider Mailbag: Top Big 12 Coaching Staffs

Senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball and recruiting.

Mailbag questions

RAIDERIVEY: If you ranked the Big 12 football coaching staffs where would you rank Tech?

Cobjones: Who is/was your favorite Tech player to interview (any sport)

Zebbie09: Do we have reason to be excited, or is this the standard off season, "everybody is bigger, stronger, faster, much improved.... etc. etc.?"

brett109: Is the interior offensive line as concerning as it appears, or is it better defensive line play?

SigHansen: How many transfers does Beard look to pick up? 1-2  or 3-4?

redraiderka: Are we actually going to add a late juco qualifier or are they just going to keep popping up on the radar and then falling off the radar?

Tech2010: I have your musical choices pegged as the following:

JJ- mid to late 90s heavier grunge with a splash of rap (not the new stuff)

Alyssa- more modern pop mixed with a tad of country.

Mighty Joe- classic rock. Maybe some Steely Dan stuff. Also b side songwriter country legends.

Name some of your fav bands/music.

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