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Aaron Cochran Recaps Texas Tech Official Visit

Cal graduate transfer Aaron Cochran is said to be down to deciding between Auburn, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. The giant left tackle talked with InsideTheRedRaiders.com about his official visit to Lubbock over the weekend and where he is on his decision. Get the details inside.

InsideTheRedRaiders.com caught up with Cal grad transfer Aaron Cochran, who was boarding his plane for his flight back to the Bay Area, for a recap of his visit to Texas Tech. The 6-foot-8, 350-pound offensive lineman has started 16 games and played in 28 total the past three seasons for the Bears.


  • "It went really well. Really well. I got to watch the walkthroughs with Coach Jones and the offensive line. Watching the spring game was really good, I got to see every level of play from the offensive line, 1, 2, 3. Assessed the need myself. Spent some time with coach Jones, who I don't get to see much any more. Saw [former Cal asst. S&C coach] Scott Salwasser, who I hadn't seen for a couple years. Coach Jamison, who I haven't seen since my freshman year, who really helped me out back then. My host was Nic Shimonek, he's a really cool dude. I just had an overall good time."
  • On the play of the OL: "I'm not gonna discredit or downplay anybody's abilities. I just think they're a really young group, honestly. I think that with coach Jones, it will take time, but by the end of the season they will be better with Coach Jones."


  • On how the visit influenced his opinion of Texas Tech: "Oh man, it helped tremendously. I can't go off of hearsay or assumptions of the area. I had to go and see it for my own eyes, assess the situation myself. I'm not going to take anything word-of-mouth."
  • His timeline now: "I'll have a decision made midweek. First I'm going to call the coaching staffs. I wish there was a better platform for stuff like this, but I guess in this day and age, Twitter will have to do for releasing important news like this to the world. [laughs]"
  • Asked about his Top 3: "I learned over the weekend that the Florida State offensive lineman committed to Auburn. I wouldn't say that they're dropped from my list, but I guess the need isn't there any more, as tremendous as it was, I guess they've kind of filled that spot, so I guess right now it's between Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. I don't want to compare them because they're both distinguished and unique in their own right, so when you're doing something like this you have to approach it with an open mind, an unbiased opinion of what they are and making the decision based off of those circumstances."


  • On factors he'll take into consideration for making a decision: "I mean, for anyone who's in my position, you want a coach who can get you to the next level. When you play football for four years, you get familiar with what's good or bad. I would say a good team environment, a good relationship with the coaches, which I have with Coach Jones, Coach Salwasser, and Coach Jamison, and a good position group that gets along with each other and will push each other. A group that's bought in to the gameplan of the team. Just overall for me it would be finding a new home."
  • Thoughts on Lubbock: "People who haven't visited or who have never been there tend to undersell it, they say it's a small town with nothing to do there. I'm from Atwater, California. That's a small town. it's nothing compared to that. I mean, you don't get the entertainment that you do in the Bay Area like in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose. The closest big city is Dallas which is about four hours away from there. But in Lubbock you have everything you need to live. My impression of the city was more than expected based on what I was told." 


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