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Stringer Opens Up About Ward's Injury

Texas Tech linebacker Brayden Stringer discusses what took place after his tackle of Da'Leon Ward in spring practice, which looked to be a serious injury at the time, but ended up being minor in severity.

A week ago in practice sophomore linebacker Brayden Stringer tackled sophomore running back Da'Leon Ward and twisted him to the ground. Ward crumpled in agony and was carted off with an apparent knee or lower leg injury which was captured in the video above shot by reporter Alyssa Chrisope. Luckily for all involved Ward suffered only a bone bruise and no serious damage.

I interviewed Stringer after practice Tuesday about several interesting topics, but thought what he said about this was really informative and deserved its own story. I'll post the whole interview in the near future.

Me: I really thought about you when I saw the video of when you tackled Ward and he got hurt because I know you had the serious injury...

*Stringer shows me a massive, Frankensteinish scar running down the length of the inside of his forearm.

Stringer: Yeah, I snapped my arm in half.

Me: I know that cost you your senior season (in high school). Obviously, it's a violent sport, you are going to get hurt, but what was your thought process when this happened and how it happened?

Stringer: It bothered me a lot. The whole day after that, I'm not even going to lie, I was thinking about Ward the whole time. Me and Ward hang out all the time outside of football. We're good buddies. He's right down the hallway from me. We hang out with that room all the time, but yeah I really didn't mean to, you know?

Me: Yeah, of course.

Stringer: Honestly, the play before that I missed a tackle, I was trying to make up for it, being me, just my mentality, and I twisted him up. I should have let him go, it was totally my fault, but I got up and I was like damn, I mean I have been in that situation before and it's rough. Especially, he's going to be a great running back. I did not want to take out our main dude.

Me: *Nervous laughter

Stringer: It hurt me, I was sick to my stomach. Once I found out he was good and he's going to be healthy it helped me out a lot. 

Me: And y'all have talked and y'all are cool?

Stringer: Oh yeah, we're good. He had no hard feelings toward me. I came up after that practice and he was sitting on the table, he has a little wrap around his knee, and we gave each other a hug and I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me too. We're good.

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