Insider Mailbag: Ondigo, Transfers, Contenders, Fehoko, Enchiladas

Senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball, baseball and recruiting.

Questions This Week

redraiderka: How do you see the rest of the basketball roster shaking out? Any transfers out or in and is tech still trying to get Ondigo?
TTUams: So what's plan B for O-line grad transfers?
Techson: NCAA recruiting rule changes. How might they affect us ? Do we have a full-time recruiting coordinator or is it delegated amongst the coaches ?
Jaburrs: Who starts Friday night if Davis Martin is still out?
Do you think Shetter will soon make a trip to the bullpen?
Techfreak: Will the Football Spring Game happen again next year in Frisco? Is it officially on the books yet?
241121st: Since he's the last QB we had not named Mahomes, compare Webb and ShimWow. Which would you rather have leading the troops into battle?  We know KK's offense is designed for more of a Mahomes/Manziel honestly, I'm concerned.
recycler: Why do yall think Fehoko will be so much better at LSU then he was here?
wreckemcrv: Do we have a legit chance at being national champions in baseball this year?
sneed1979: What kind are you? Equal bites of both? Or finish 1, move on to other?

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