Insider Mega Mailbag: Part I

Senior writer Joe Yeager, reporter Alyssa Chrisope and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball, baseball and recruiting. This week we're going big with a double serving of the Mailbag. Look for Part II on Saturday.

juiceboxxx rapid fire

  • Which of the recruits not on campus and not named Dakota Allen, are you most looking forward to seeing this summer/fall?
  • O/U Tech takes 2 games against TCU & 2 from WVU
  • Any chance you see Davis go Sunday now that he "has started his throwing program" and Shetter on Friday?
  • One word to describe Beard's recruiting class? And why?
  • Will Shimmy be more of a 175-200 yard guy, or a 300+ a per game guy?
  • Barring any new juco guys/grad transfers, which RB takes the heaviest load of snaps?
JohnGalt4TT: Post Spring are we STILL looking for a defensive player that can consistently pressure the QB? Who emerges in the that role this fall?

wreckemcrv: With the 2017 basketball class wrapping up, what newcomers will make the biggest impact right away and why?

Slaton67: Will Morales work his way back in the line-up or has he been passed up?

jaywill2011: Would the NCAA allow Kliff to contract Beard for his recruiting services? It's clear there's no one on the football staff that can sell like Beard...

Lumbar87: Will 6'10" John Brown ever develop into a contributor, or is he more likely to remain as a big body useful only in practice?

juiceboxxx: Favorite restaurant in Lubbock?

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