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Texas Tech Offer a Birthday Surprise for Weston Wright

New Braunfels offensive lineman Weston Wright describes what it felt like to receive his first Power five offer onFriday, his birthday.

2018 New Braunfels offensive tackle Weston Wright received one special present for his 17th birthday today: a full-ride scholarship to Texas Tech University, his first from a Power Five football program. The 6-foot-6, 290-pound offensive tackle called coach Brandon Jones this morning and received the good news then. 

"My coach got a call from coach [Brandon] Jones and I was told to give him a call, so I did. Today is actually my birthday, so he was talking to me, and the conversation got around to my birthday. He said, 'Well, I'm gonna give you a big ol' birthday present. Texas Tech is going to offer you.' It was great, definitely shocking."

What was the junior's reaction to the offer?

"A bit of disbelief because I didn't think I had gotten to that caliber of football, the Big 12. It certainly is something that is monumental in my eyes."

Wright was asked about the offensive scheme they run at New Braunfels.

"I'm no coordinator, but I'm pretty sure we run a spread offense with a lot of option involved. Pretty much all of our runs and even some of our passes include some kind of option. It's kind of built for the running type of quarterbacks which is what we have in Ryan Redding, who is faster than heck and can run the ball like nobody else in our district. It's more zone-blocking, definitely. While I do enjoy man-blocking, zone-blocking is more effective and it definitely allows me to make some running paths for the back. The back has plenty of options when it comes to zone-blocking."

Who are some schools standing out to Wright that he's hearing from?

"Well, my first offer, Rice, definitely stands out. A couple other schools have shown interest, like Oklahoma State and TCU, but Rice is probably the number one school that was there before Tech was. Now that Tech has entered the picture, I'll have to re-evaluate that a little bit. Depending on what my viewpoint is by the end of the spring, I'll know what to do."

In fact, Texas Tech has built a relationship with the junior starting before today's offer. A satellite camp held at his high school close to two years ago introduced him to the Red Raider football program in-person. 

"My sophomore year, Texas Tech had their football camp come through New Braunfels and I attended that camp and got to connect with the previous O-line coach [Lee Hays]. While I was there, I actually learned a lot and met coach Kingsbury at that camp. He's kind of the legacy at this school just because he made it. He set the records at Texas Tech, went to the NFL, got a Super Bowl ring, went back to Texas Tech and became the youngest college coach. We're definitely proud to be able to say that coach Kingsbury came out of New Braunfels."

Wright was asked about his relationship with previous offensive line coach Lee Hays, who had recruited the junior before former player Brandon Jones took over.

"I didn't really get to talk to coach Hays too much, I just saw him at that camp and conversed with him a little bit, and he gave me coaching tips. We talked quite a bit about technique. That's really given me a base to work off of in my high school career, the technique he taught me at that camp."

Wright was actually interviewed a few nights before the offer and had this to say about his overall recruitment at the time:

"I'm just kind of going through it and doing the best I can to be the best football player I can and what comes of it comes of it. I'm very grateful for the attention I've had, and I'm just gonna keep on busting tail and be the best I can, see where it takes me."

During that initial interview, he also discussed his thoughts on Texas Tech's offense.

"Well I mean, I love the fact that you can say that there's an offense out there that posts over 50 points per game on average. With what they did the past few years in that offense, it's absurd. Also, to see that Pat Mahomes went in the Top 10, before Deshaun Watson ended up going, that was also a shocker and it just told me how much that offense said to everybody. [An offer from Texas Tech] would definitely cause a shift in my frame of mind."

Now that he's got a Texas Tech offer in hand, what is his timeline for making a decision? 

"I'm planning on making my decision after spring ball ends. After spring ball, I should definitely have an answer, unless more factors arise to delay that."

Wright holds offers from Air Force, Brown, Rice, and Texas Tech. He reports interest from Houston, Oklahoma State, and TCU, among others.

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