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Texas Tech Adds Maryland OL Grad Transfer Jujuan Dulaney

Maryland graduate transfer Jujuan Dulaney discusses his decision to commit to Texas Tech after visiting over the weekend.

Texas Tech added some more depth and maybe even a starter via the graduate transfer route with the commitment of former Maryland offensive lineman Jujuan Dulaney. Listed at 6-foot-3, 297 pounds on Maryland's official roster, Dulaney played in 13 games over his three-year career with the Terrapins. 

Dulaney is the second grad transfer offensive lineman the Red Raiders have landed in the past three weeks as former Nebraska lineman Dwayne Johnson committed after visiting in late April. caught up with Dulaney on Monday for the lowdown on his decision to transfer to Texas Tech.

TTU Scout: First off, what made you choose Tech?

Dulaney: I felt most comfortable with Tech out of the other schools and also felt like it's the best opportunity for me. Coach (Brandon) Jones was real genuine throughout the whole process. When I took my unofficial visit I felt as if it'd be a great place for me to spend my last year considering the players and the coaches; they all treated me like family.

TTU Scout: You mentioned coach Jones. What's your relationship with him like and how was he genuine with you?

Dulaney: I've known coach Jones since high school. He was recruiting me while he was at East Carolina, and what I mean by genuine is he was really honest with me about everything.

TTU Scout: What stood out to you about the visit to Tech? Who hosted you?

Dulaney: I didn't have a host when I visited because it was an unofficial, however I did get to spend time with guys like Travis Bruffy and Terence Steele.

TTU Scout: How does coach Jones see you fitting in on the line? What position will you play?

Dulaney: Coach Jones sees me initially playing at a guard position, and maybe some tackle as well considering that I've played both positions before. Coach Jones' expectations for me is to come in and earn a starting job somewhere on the line. With the opportunity that he's presenting me with, my expectations are the same as his. I plan on taking full advantage of that opportunity.

TTU Scout: When do you report to campus/enroll?

Dulaney: Should be early June I believe. I graduate here in about a week and a half. 

TTU Scout: Did anything about Tech's campus, facilities or about Lubbock stand out to you?

Dulaney: The entire city of Lubbock seems like they're all about TTU football and that's something that I am not used to, so it stood out to me a lot. Beautiful campus, their facilities are nice. Everything about Lubbock seems good.

TTU Scout: How different is the blocking scheme at Maryland to what Jones will have you doing at Tech?

Dulaney: From my understanding the only difference is that Tech is a pass heavy team. But they're also a zone team on the ground, which I have had experience with here at Maryland.

TTU Scout: What're you getting your degree in at Maryland?

Dulaney: Communications.

TTU Scout: Nice. Do you know what you want to do after football?

Dulaney: I don't have any set plans as to what I'm going to do after football at the moment but I have some experience with radio so I could think of doing something with that.

TTU Scout: Cool, what radio have you done?

Dulaney: Just a local radio station in Maryland nothing too big. I could build off of that.

TTU Scout: Talk show? DJ or what?

Dulaney: Yeah it was a sports talk show with one of my former teammates.

TTU Scout: That's cool. Thanks for your time today, and congrats again.

Dulaney: Thank you.

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