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DE Cameron Valentine Recaps Texas Tech Offer, Visit

Richmond (TX) Foster defensive end Cameron Valentine discusses his offer from and visit to Texas Tech over the weekend.

Inside the Red Raiders: First off, how'd the offer go down? 

Valentine: Coach Jamison had called me to his office and was talking to me about the school and the football program and what to expect if I were to come here and after about 10 minutes he offered me.

ITRR: What was your reaction?

Valentine: I was really surprised and excited because they are a really good team and it was also my first Power 5 offer. I was surprised because I didn't know if they were going to offer and I really liked my visit so I just was super excited when it.

ITRR: What all did you do on the visit? 

Valentine: On the visit when I got there I had met all the coaches then we took a photo shoot then after that we toured the athletic facility. Then we walked over to the football field and they showed us around that. Then we went to an academic presentation, then just kinda of around all over the campus, then we ate. Then we went back and kind of talked about the football side, like what kind of defense and what to expect, etc.

ITRR: What was your main takeaway?

Valentine: My main take away was on how personable the coaching staff was they were just all in all good people.

ITRR: What day did you visit?

Valentine: Friday.

ITRR: Did you meet coach Gibbs? If so what did you think? Same thing with Kingsbury.

Valentine: I met Coach Gibbs. I liked him, he's good people. He was informative and knew what he was talking about and I could tell that when it come to it he can turn to that next level and get to it. Coach Kingsbury wasn't on campus at the time of my visit.

ITRR: How do the coaches see you fitting into the system? What position do they like you at?

Valentine: They see me kinda gaining some weight but not too much and still playing the DE spot or having me at the hybrid DE/OLB position.

ITRR: Nice. What other schools are you hearing from?

Valentine: Tulane, Memphis, Kansas, UTSA, really at the moment.

ITRR: What are you looking for in a school and program?

Valentine: Just getting a good education, really and a place that has a good business school and for a program I'm looking for a team that is on it's up and coming to be a powerhouse that I can play and be a part of.

ITRR: Do you have an idea of when you want to make a decision?

Valentine: Mid August.

ITRR: Great. Is there anything I'm missing or anything you'd like to add about the offer or visit from Tech or your overall recruitment?

Valentine: All in all it was a great visit and I'll definitely come back to Lubbock again here in the future for a game or something!

ITRR: Thank you for your time and congrats on all your success!

Valentine: Thank you!

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