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DT Jaylon Hutchings Details Texas Tech Visit

Forney (TX) defensive tackle Jaylon Hutchings recaps his recent visit to Texas Tech.

Inside the Red Raiders: How'd the visit go?

Hutchings: Pretty good, I really enjoyed it.

ITRR: Great. What was your favorite part of the visit? 

Hutchings: My favorite part was seeing all the equipment they have in the weight room and also the jerseys and gear.

ITRR: What stood out to you the most?

Hutchings: What stood out the most was the coaching staff and seeing how much they cared about you.

ITRR: What was your favorite Jersey color or uni combo?

Hutchings: I liked the all black uniforms.

ITRR: Which coaches did you visit with?

Hutchings: I visited with coach (Terrance) Jamison and (David) Gibbs.

ITRR: What'd you think of Jamison? What did you talk about? Same with Gibbs?

Hutchings: I really liked him you could really tell he cared about you. With coach Jamison we watched clips of different d-limen and where I would fit in it. With coach Gibbs we talked about the defense and what still of football he likes to play.

ITRR: Did you get to meet any players or other recruits during your visit?

Hutchings: I met two other recruits there John Graves and Cameron Valentine.

ITRR: You told me before your mom and bro were going to visit with you. What did they think of Tech and Lubbock?

Hutchings: They really liked it. They were really impressed on what Texas Tech had to offer and the people that were there talking with us.

ITRR: What did Jamison say about where you'd fit in?

Hutchings: He said I would fit in at the nose position and also the 3 tech and that I reminded him of a DT he coached at FAU.

ITRR: What did Gibbs say about the style he likes to play?

Hutchings: He said he likes to put the quarterback under pressure and will blitz to do so.

ITRR: Would you say Tech moved up on your list or no after the visit?

Hutchings: I say it has because I really feel comfortable around the coaching staff and I got the feeling that they really care about you, and they want the best for you on and off the field.

ITRR: You still looking at deciding in July?

Hutchings: Yes sir!

ITRR: Anything I'm missing about the visit or your recruitment? Anything you'd like to add?

Hutchings: No sir that's it

ITRR: Thanks for your time and congrats on all your success

Hutchings: No problem sir! And thank you.

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