2018 QB Alan Bowman (Gabe Brooks / SCOUT)

QB Alan Bowman Talks Texas Tech Commitment

2018 Grapevine (TX) quarterback Alan Bowman discusses his commitment to Texas Tech.

Grapevine (TX) quarterback Alan Bowman announced his commitment to Texas Texas on Wednesday via Twitter just days after visiting campus. Bowman turned in an impressive performance at the Red Raiders' camp on Sunday, earning him an offer from Kliff Kingsbury.

The 6-foot-3, 208-pound three-star prospect is ranked as the No. 7 signal caller in Texas for the 2018 class by Scout and chose Tech over 16 other offers. InsideTheRedRaiders.com caught up Bowman for the scoop on his decision.


Inside the Red Raiders: I know when you and I last spoke you had a big decision to make and you went ahead and made that decision so just talk about what prompted you to commit.

Bowman: So I had two major factors: I wanted to play Power Five football, I wanted to play big time football and the Big 12 is pretty much as big as it gets. Then I wanted to stay in Texas. I had a Power Five offer from Illinois and some good offers from Houston and Cincinnati, but coach Kingsbury's awesome and I would just love to stay in Texas, stay kind of close to home. It's five hours from my house, but it's not bad and I just love Lubbock, I love the area, I love the family so I'm just excited to get out and work. 

ITRR: With Texas Tech, obviously they have a couple commits, but still have a lot of room left (in the 2018 recruiting class). What are you going to try and do to help fill out the class?

Bowman: Yeah, so I've been in contact with coach (Eric) Morris and coach Kingsbury and they're going to get me a list with some numbers and some Twitter handles so I'm going to try and help with the recruiting process. I'm part of the family now, so I'm going to try and get some other studs up with me and get a good 2018 class out there so we can win a Big 12 championship.


ITRR: Have you talked to some of the current commits like Corey Fulcher and guys like that?

Bowman: Yeah, they've hit me up on Twitter so we're starting to get in contact.

ITRR: What have coach Morris and coach Kingsbury told you as far as expectations for when you come in?

Bowman: They say be ready to compete. It's a good spot, it's a good chance for me to go in and compete right away. I'm going in early, so I'll enroll in December and then I'll compete in spring ball and see what happens. 

ITRR: I think you mentioned last time that whenever you commit you're not going to be taking any visits anywhere. Is that still the case?

Bowman: It is. I'm committed and that means I'm not going anywhere else.

ITRR: What does Texas Tech have to offer in terms of facilities, the campus and everything?

Bowman: They're putting in a new indoor, they're putting in a new locker room and they just got done with the weight room so everything's brand new, everything's going to look top of the line so it's really exciting. They have the second largest (continuous) campus in the nation next to Air Force, at least that's what they were saying when I was there. It's a big school, a big campus, it's everything that I dreamed of so it's awesome. 

ITRR: You have any connections to any players on the roster right now?

Bowman: Yeah, there's a DB from (Euless) Trinity who I have played some 7on7 with.

ITRR: John Davis?

Bowman: Yeah, JD.

ITRR: Talk about some of your stats, your accolades you've been able to put up in high school.

Bowman: I think I have around 9,000 yards passing in three years, 81 touchdowns, 70-percent completion. 25 interceptions and 15 of them were my freshman year, and we throw the ball so much. I mean I threw the ball 500 times last year.

ITRR: Did coach Kingsbury or coach Morris tell you anything you need to work on before you arrive on campus?

Bowman: Not much. He just said keep doing the drills we did in camp. Everyone can improve on something. I need to keep my quick release, my footwork and keep my feet ready to throw at all times because that's one of the good things I can do, I can escape the pocket, I can move around, but I need to be ready to throw at any moment. I'm just working to get my feet set.

ITRR: I think that's it. I appreciate your time and congratulations on the commitment.

Bowman: Awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


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