Insider Mailbag: Breakout Stars

Senior writer Joe Yeager and publisher Jarret Johnson answer questions from subscribers about Texas Tech football, basketball, baseball and recruiting.


redraiderka: When do you expect to have a replacement for Alyssa?

Also will Alyssa be making any guest appearances down the road now that baseball is over?

Techfreak/sm8588: Is Nic Shimonek the next BJ Symons? Or more like Taylor Potts?

Tornado Watch: With no head coaching experience and suddenly in charge of a P5 helmet school, how well do you think Lincoln Riley will do leading OU?

OleBallCoach87: Name one poster you would like to punch?

AwHooks210: What will be the legacy of Kliff Kingsbury be at Texas Tech, in your opinion? Will be remembered more as the player or the coach?

Juiceboxx: Who is this year's breakout star for football?

Who has a better season between the 4 JuCo secondary players (Morgan, Hammer, Leggett, Lane)? 

barton59: If Kliff is let go, name your top 3 coaches on your wish list to replace him.

pointman1: Who are the best two non-Tech college players you've seen play in person in football and basketball?

Midraider: Name the top two things that have changed (for the better) in our football program from this time last year until today. 

Juiceboxx: What makes or break great BBQ and great mexican food?

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