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OL Clayton Franks Talks Texas Tech Commitment

Mansfield (TX) Legacy offensive lineman Clayton Franks discusses his commitment to Texas Tech.

The Texas Tech coaches received a Father's Day gift of three offensive lineman commit announcements. All of them are Texas prep recruits starting with Mansfield Legacy's Clayton Franks, who announced Sunday morning with the following tweet:

Franks' announcement was followed by verbal pledges from Weston Wright of New Braunfels and Troy Bradshaw out of Mineral Wells. caught up with Franks shortly after his announcement for the lowdown on his decision to play for the Red Raiders. 

Inside the Red Raiders: First off, what made you decide to pull the trigger and commit?

Franks: Well, for starters my visit was amazing, I loved everything about it. But what made me pull the trigger was them showing how much they wanted and as a player. You want to play where you are wanted. So that was big for me.

ITRR: Yeah, I remember you visiting a couple weeks ago. What stood out the most about it? What did you do?

Franks: We toured the campus and the facilities and talked about what's included in the scholarship but what stood out to me the most was the culture surrounding Tech. The fan base in Lubbock is so strong and the fact that coach Kingsbury is an academics first guy. It's a priority to him as it is to me as well. They set you up for success and there's no reason you shouldn't be successful at Tech. 

ITRR: You also said Tech showing you how much they want you meant a lot. How did they do that? Was there something specific they did where you said to yourself 'these guys really want me to play for them'?

Franks: They expressed a lot of interest on my visit and basically without try they made me feel in place.

ITRR: Which coach did you give your commitment to? What was his reaction?

Franks: I gave my commitment to Coach (Brandon) Jones. He seemed very excited for me and my family. 

ITRR: Where do the coaches seeing you play along the line at Tech?

Franks: Coach Jones told me I'd be a guard but not to be surprised if I play right tackle or center. 

ITRR: What's your current height and weight?

Franks: 6-4, 280. 

ITRR: Do you know what you want to study in college and are you planning on being a december or May grad?

Franks: I'm going to be a May grad

ITRR: Tech's been on quite a roll with getting commits recently. Did that have any impact on your decision?

Franks: The only effect that it had is that it reinforced my decision even more 

ITRR: What's your relationship with coach Jones? What's your impression of him?

Franks: Coach Jones is an awesome guy. Me and him I'd say have developed a pretty strong relationship. 

ITRR: Do you speak regularly with any other Tech coaches? If so, who and what do you think of them?

Franks: I speak with coach (Eric) Morris as well, he's a pretty awesome guy too they are both definitely players coaches

ITRR: With this being Father's Day what did your dad say about your announcement?

Franks: He was super excited, he told me he knows I'll be happy there.

ITRR: Do you know any of the other Tech commits?

Franks: I've gotten in touch with a few other commits but I don't really know them. However I do look forward to meeting them and building a relationship. 

ITRR: Do you have any family ties to Tech or Lubbock?

Franks: My uncle's family went to Tech and my girlfriend's grandma lives in Lubbock as well.

ITRR: Alright, that's great stuff. Is there anything I'm missing or anything you'd like to add?

Franks: I think that's it my man.

ITRR: Congrats again on your commitment and thanks for your time.

Franks: Absolutely.

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