NC State Offense Presents Problems

North Carolina State offers defensive coordinators a number of potential threats to deal with. Their ground game features a running back with explosive ability, while one of the top quarterbacks in the nation leads the passing attack.

In the match up last season, the Red raiders managed to play decently against the pass, but they couldn't find a way to stop running back T.A. McClendon, who scored 5 touchdowns in the game. Look for the Red raiders to focus a little more on the running game. The new defensive scheme does a good job getting players into the backfield to breakup plays early. Brock Stratton will have to have a good performance if this defense will be successful.

The problem with North Carolina State is that if you take away the running game, you have to find a way to stop Philip Rivers. This puts the defensive coaches in a no-win situation. "Do you want to get bit by a rattlesnake or a copperhead", asked Defensive Coordinator Lyle Setencich. Rivers showed an ability to make miraculous passes against the Ohio State defense. The secondary is going to have to find a way to keep the North Carolina State receivers in check because the front seven will be focused on the run game.

The good news is that the Red raiders don't need to totally shut down the North Carolina State offense. If they can limit the number of big plays, they should have a pretty successful day. North Carolina State is one of those teams that relies on big plays instead of sustained drives. Don't be surprised to see the Texas Tech defense put on a much better showing than they did in this game last year. I expect they will continue to generate turnovers, especially if North Carolina State is forced to throw the ball most of the time.

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