NFL Analyst Chris Mortenson Offers His Insights

Caught up with ESPN's <b>Chris Mortenson</b> to talk a little bit of football...

The topic started out on

Kliff Kinsbury and whether or not system QB's have an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to being drafted by the NFL...

"There are some teams that are skeptical, but it doesn't mean that they won't take a Ken Dorsey or Kliff Kingsbury," Chris Mortenson told RP. "The Patriots took Kingsbury because he had size, could throw pretty well and he started/played in a big-time conference."

"And, currently, I think some teams are upset because the Patriots put him on injured reserve...some think he's not really hurt and wanted to claim him off of waivers, so..."

"Anyway, you're going to be throwing the ball in the League and teams aren't just thinking about whether a kid has the arm strength," Mortenson explained. "It's about smarts, decision-making...a lot of different variables."

"And the teams that are skeptical of system quarterbacks, well, that's what the off-season is for, " Mortenson continued. "There's plenty of time to evaluate these guys and sudddenly they see a guy and say, 'Oh, he can throw.'"

Of course, you've heard this too many times to count. But if you can play, the NFL will find you.

Mortenson agrees...

"Yes, if you can play, the NFL will find you. Just look at Tulane."

[Think Chris is talkin' about former Tulane and current Washington Redskin QB Patrick Ramsey? Or the currnet Tulane QB J.P. Lossman?]

"If you've got the goods and the skills, the NFL will find you."

Mort goes on to say that the QB position is the hardest to evaluate and that he'd put the hit rate at no better than 50 percent. He said it's about the same in college.

He also said that a lot of your success depends on the situation you end up in.

"Guys get drafted by the wrong team, at the wrong time, wrong period. That your opportunity may be better somewhere else, is something to take into account as well. You just hope to land in the right situation. Look at Chris Simms. He fell to the 3rd round but then got lucky when Jon Gruden drafted him, so..."

And if you don't find yourself in the right situation?

"The guys that bide their time and persevere usually end up getting a chance. Sometimes, even way later down the road."

>Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson and Tommy Maddox come to mind...

Special thanks to Chris Mortenson. And as always, Mort comes through...

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