Symons Looking for More Production

B.J. Symons' latest performance has earned him national attention, but the senior quarterback sees an offense that still has room for improvement. He says he's still waiting for the offense to play a complete game.

It's tough for most people to look at B.J. Symons' 661 yards and think there is room for improvements, but Symons' says there are still plenty of areas that the offense could improve in. He was quick to point out the turnovers that have plagued the Texas Tech offense in the last two games. "I still feel like there is even more in store for us," said Symons. "You might think I'm crazy, but y'all probably thought I was crazy last week when I said six to seven hundred yards was in reach."

Symons is still waiting for the Texas Tech offense to put together a full game. "We still haven't put a full game together. Like I said last week, when we do that it's going to be scary for defenses," said Symons. The Red Raiders will face tougher defenses as they enter conference play, but don't expect the offensive numbers to drop off. With Symons throwing to a multitude of talented receivers, the sky truly is the limit for this offense.

With these past two games has B.J. Symons become a Heisman candidate? "I don't think so. Personally, I don't really care if I am," said Symons. Symons says that it is too early to make that determination. Even if he isn't a Heisman candidate yet, Symons knows that the Red Raider offense is the best passing offense in the nation. "Nobody has more air power than Texas Tech," said Symons.

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