Tech Not Looking Ahead

The Red Raiders know all too well what can happen following a big win over an in-state rival. Following last season's victory over Texas A&M, the Red Raiders had an embarrassing 31-17 loss at Iowa State. With that in mind, Texas Tech knows that they need to have even more intensity leading up to this weekend's game.

The change in attitude can be attributed to this year's group of seniors. Following the Texas A&M victory, B.J. Symons, Ryan Aycock, and Carlos Francis addressed the team in an effort to get them to focus on Iowa State. "I think the seniors are stepping up and taking control of the team," said receiver Carlos Francis.

"I think it was a learning experience last year," said Francis. This time around the focus has been on improving their focus in practice, and in the actual game. The Red Raiders have accomplished this improvement by taking on a more business like attitude. This doesn't mean you'll see Texas Tech players have any less fun on the field, but they want to take care of business first. "The only way you can have fun is to win games," said Francis.

This change in attitude can be attributed to Head Coach Mike Leach. While many people have laughed at his attempts to make every game seem just as important as the next, this season's team has taken his message to heart. It all starts with quarterback B.J. Symons, who is determined to make every game something special. "I have just this one opportunity that I'm trying to make the best of," said Symons. He's going to make this season special, but he's going to do it one game at a time. "We're really taking notice of what he's saying, and it's rubbing in on us offensively and defensively, said Symons. "Win one game a week. If we win this game we'll be five and one," said Symons. "I don't want to look ahead to the next game, but hypothetically, if we win that game we'll be six and one."

What happened last year at Iowa State? "We went up there last year, and honestly we got a big head from the A&M game," said Francis. While Iowa State played a solid game, the Red Raiders know that the loss falls squarely on their shoulders. "It's a game we felt we should have won," said Francis. The Red Raiders are confident that they can win this game. As Nehemiah Glover puts it, "We don't lose at the Jones."

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