Mims said he's "Really Impressed" with Tech

Caught up with <b>Kevin Mims</b> to get the skinny on his official visit to the Lubbock this weekend...

"It went well, it went real well," Mims said. "I got all of my questions answered and was pretty impressed. The thing that impressed me the most (my father refers to it as the 'starch') was the family environment. And my mom and dad were really impressed. They thought the team environment the coaches have set up at Tech was really nice."

Some of the questions the Woodlands DE focused on getting answered were academics and the depth chart/playing time…

"We knew going in that they didn't have a bio-medical engineering major, but I met with two academic advisors who said they could dig up some more stuff pertaining to that. But they actually have a lot of what I'm looking for. They have a medical school. And they have a good engineering program. That's basically what a bio-medical engineering program is. And they feel that they can put some classes together to offer me what I'm looking for, so..."

So, the Red Raiders seemingly answered those pertinent issues…

Depth chart talk?

"We talked a lot about the depth chart. They probably only have two-three guys that can play the strong-side DE position. And it's good to know that I can come in there with a chance to play early. Early playing time is a big thing with me. They'll probably sign about 8 DL and have four different postions they can play us at, so they need some help."

Mims also got the chance to meet with all of the coaches but spent most of his time with Dana Holgorsen (who recruits the Conroe/The Woodlands area), Charlie Sadler and Lyle Setencich.

I spent a lot of time with Coach Holgorsen Sunday night, Coach Sadler and the defensive coordinator, too. And I they answered all of my questions.

So how are the Red Raiders looking now?

"Well, going in, we knew they'd be up there at the top, but they definitely impressed me on the things that I thought they'd be lacking in."

Needless to say, that's great news for Red Raider alumni/fans!

FYI: We'll have a little more on Mims later as we talked about Michigan State and his official visit agenda and about their win over Colorado...

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